Brooke Edgecombe rides LT Holst Andrea, Gisborne Showjumping, Sunday, January 26, 2020 Copyright Photo: KAMPIC / Kerry Marshall

Waipukurau rider Brooke Edgecombe finally got her wish today when she scooped up a garden seat as the winner of the Equissage Horse Grand Prix at the Larsen Sawmilling Jumping and Show Hunter Championships in Gisborne.

“I have been waiting for 25 years for this chair,” she said. Brooke and her extremely well-performed mare LT Holst Andrea were the only combination clear in the opening round of the Grand Prix and added a rather uncharacteristic rail in the second but still held on for the win.

It was the third Grand Prix win of the season for the 11-year-old mare, who earlier in January won the FEI World Cup (NZ) final and placed second in the series. Today’s victory was her first Grand Prix win at the January jumping show, an event she has been coming to since she was a youngster and riding ponies.

“It was tough enough out there,” she said of the Heather Macdonald-designed course. Brooke had plenty of praise for Andrea too. “She is really careful and brave and tries super hard every time.” Brooke took full responsibility for the mid-course rail in the second round. “We got there alright but I probably pressed her through the front rail a bit – it was my mistake and I should have just let her jump the jump. Everyone has to have a bad day but hers are usually just four faults, so I can’t really complain.”

Next on the agenda for the combination is the boutique Takapoto Estate Show Jumping event in Cambridge and the Horse of the Year Show where she has her sights set on the Olympic Cup (for showjumper of the year).

Brooke’s win topped off a very successful show for the Edgecombes – earlier in the show she won the 1.4m aboard Andrea and placed first equal in the five-year-old with LT Holst Helen. Her husband Oliver took the quinella in the seven-year-old and won the 1.25m earlier in the day too. “It’s been a great show for us,” said Brooke. “I love coming here. It’s a show that always runs like clockwork every year and then you’ve got the facilities and hospitality too . . . it all outweighs the trip up on that road.”

Placing second to Brooke today was Melody Matheson (Hastings) aboard Cortaflex Graffiti MH, who stopped the clock at a super slick 52.43 seconds. It is the second consecutive year the combination has been runner-up in the big class of the show. Ten started the Grand Prix with seven combinations on eight faults and less coming back for the second round. Each carried their penalties through.

Melody and Leeshelle (Auckland) aboard AMS Glenbrooke Archie Bunker were the only ones to leave all the rails up in the second, but both carried eight from the opener. Jeremy Whale (Cambridge) and Remarkable filled third spot, finishing on eight penalties in 55.45 seconds, with Leeshelle fourth in 58.65 seconds, Emelia Forsyth (Clevedon) aboard her former eventer Henton Faberge in fifth in 59.21 and Julie Davey (Hastings) on her imported mare Joligne de Carmel in sixth.

Tessa Mason rides Mr Acho, Gisborne Showjumping, Sunday, January 26, 2020 Copyright Photo: KAMPIC / Kerry Marshall

Tessa Mason bagged the only double clear of the Country TV Pony Grand Prix, to secure victory in just her second start at that level.

The pint-sized Napier 11-year-old steered Mr Acho to a popular win over a sometimes testing course that left other far more experienced combinations languishing. Eleven combinations started the class with only six progressing to the second. Just Tessa and Keira Page (Auckland) aboard Redcliffs Colour Me In were clear, with the remainder each carrying four faults.

Clears were far more forthcoming in the second with Phoebe Howson (Napier) and Aorangi Ragtime, Lily Moore (Poukawa) with former Pony of the Year Fun House and Shanae Savannah (Silverdale) on Tiger Tale LS all adding nothing to remain on four faults.

Tessa inherited Mr Acho three years ago from her sister Ruby who enjoyed plenty of success aboard him. “I knew I just had to ride the course and trust him – I knew he would jump it,” said the Sally Clark-trained youngster. “He could jump the moon you know.”

The win was a special on for Tessa. “I feel like I am following Ruby’s footsteps but she was 13 when she first started jumping Grand Prix and I am only 11, so it is a big achievement for me.”

She has been jumping “forever” and loves nothing more than to be on her pony sailing over obstacles. “He’s really cool,” she says of Mr Acho. “It’s just his personality. Although he can be an angry pony, he has a great personality. I do love him.”

Tessa and Mr Acho were late entries to the show, deciding they needed more starts before March’s Horse of the Year Show.

Places second to fifth were all on four faults, with the ranking decided by time. Phoebe was second in 48.64 seconds, Lily third in 54.07, Keira fourth in 54.42 and Shanae fifth in 59.8. Annie Moffett (Napier) and Piripiri were sixth with eight faults.


Results –


Trans-Tasman Young Rider Test (final day of competition): New Zealand – Ally Carson (Putaruru) Juneau SSNZ (owned by Kate Herdson) 8-0; Olivia Dalton (Karaka) Rei Hui Wild Rose (owned by Ally Stevenson) 20-DNS; Emelia Forsyth (Clevedon) Louis (owned by Anna Frith) 0-0; Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Cheyenne (owned by Olivia Dalton) 0-0. Total from best three rounds 8 faults.


Australia – Chris Holland, Out Done (owned by Loren Mathies) 4 faults-0 faults; Clemency Hughes, Catapult Xtreme (owned by Emelia Forsyth) 5-0; Samantha Lamont, Showtym Distinction (owned by Ruby Rogers) 4-4; Sally Simmonds, L’Orame (owned by Meg Tregonning) 4-8. Total from best three rounds 16 faults.


Overall points: New Zealand 17, Australia 9.


Equissage Horse Grand Prix: Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Andrea 1, Melody Matheson (Hastings) Cortaflex Graffiti MH 2, Jeremy Whale (Cambridge) Remarkable 3, Leeshelle Small (Auckland) AMS Glenbrooke Archie Bunker 4, Emelia Forsyth (Clevedon) Henton Faberge 5, Julie Davey (Hastings) Joligne De Carmel 6.


Country TV Pony Grand Prix: Tessa Mason (Napier) Mr Acho 1, Phoebe Howson (Napier) Aorangi Ragtime 2, Lily Moore (Poukawa) Fun House 3, Keira Page (Auckland) Redcliffs Colour Me In 4, Shane Savannah (Silverdale) Tiger Tale LS 5, Annie Moffett (Napier) Piripi 6.


East Coast Performance Horses Five-Year-Old Series: Michelle Wakeling (Wellsford) BMW Braveheart, Julie Davey (Hastings) LT Holst Freda, Brooke Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Helen, Jesse Linton (Hastings) Keltern William, Rachel Nelson (Havelock North) Ocean Lady, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Skyhigh and Geordie Bull (Atiamuri) Marius =1.


Cheleken Equestrian and UltraMox Six-Year-Old Series: Larina Dolman (Gisborne) Eye See Ruby, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Beau Balou, Samantha Matthews (Cambridge) Fleur De Lacour =1.


Matthews Hanoverians Seven-Year-Old Series: Oliver Edgecombe (Waipukurau) LT Holst Elizabeth 1, Oliver Edgecombe (Waipukurau) Clearcut Xtreme 2, Paula Mussen (Auckland) Déjà vu NZPH 3, Melody Matheson (Hastings) Cortaflex Enya MH 4, Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Scotsmans Valley 5, Jesse Linton (Hastings) LT Holst Elsbeth 6.


FMG Young Rider Series: Emily Hayward (Te Awamutu) Bellischi HM 1, Ally Carson (Putaruru) Whiorau Ritchie 2, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Idol D 3, Oliver Croucher (Cambridge) Waitangi Surf 4, Eden Johnstone (Auckland) Valcheta 5, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Miss Poppet 6.


Dunstan Horsefeeds Amateur Rider: Poppy Gamble (Whakatane) U Honey 1, Kady Prujean (Hastings) VPS Call Me Cash 2, Lidy Loffler (Gisborne) Parafino 3, Danielle Stanaway (Tauranga) The Invisible Man 4, Tasha Brown (Hastings) Kiwi Cheroline 5, Jo Bell (Atiamuri) Mauve 6.


Harrison Lane Pro-Amateur Rider: Larina Dolman (Gisborne) Kiwi Lansing 1, Christine Cornege (Cambridge) Varekai SL 2, Marcus Rose (Dannevirke) Kaipara Hold Up 3, Tracy Mason (Napier) WP Stella 4, Ashley Hart (Hastings) Kiwi Showtime 5, Susie McLeod (Auckland) Arrans Lad 6.


Equifibre Junior Rider: Rylee Sheehan (Te Aroha) Bandito NZPH 1, Annie Moffett (Napier) Samantha the Dachshund 2, Dylan Bibby (Onga Onga) Wenrose Vertigo 3, Lilly Green (Rotorua) Snow Storm 4, Olivia Dalton (Karaka) Yalambi’s Garabaldi 5, Leesheele Small (Auckland) AMS Caption NZPH 6.


Main-Events University Series: Tristan Thomas (Rotorua) Airborne MVNZ 1, Kate Herdson (Auckland) Seamless 2, Jenna-Lee Rose (Dannevirke) Lulu 3, Mackenzie Heaton (Hastings) At First Glance 4.


Show hunter, NRM Open High Points: Merran Hain (Gisborne) Untouchable 1, Sophie Fisher (Cambridge) Zig Zag 2, Greta Averill (Hastings) Classic Roulette 3, Jenny Randall (Gisborne) Nero Bello 4, Holly Baines (Gisborne) Hero 5.


Gyro Plastics Junior High Points: Tristan Thomas (Rotorua) Airborne MVNZ 1, Greta Averill (Hastings) Classic Roulette 2, Brooke McEwan (Gisborne) Uptown Boy 3, Lilly Green (Rotorua) Grumplestiltskin 4.


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur High Points: Merran Hain (Gisborne) Untouchable 1, Holly Baines (Gisborne) Halo 2, June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 3, Holly Baines (Gisborne) Hero 4, Lisa Walker (Gisborne) Miss Serendipity and Shelley Watts (Gisborne) Craighaven French Made =5.


Sure Grip Mats Pony Equitation: Hannah von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 1, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Waimeha Tayza 2.


Burger King Junior Equitation and Petticoat Lane Performance Horses Adult Equitation combined: June Berrington (Whakatane) Kiwi Iron Mark 1, Tristan Thomas (Rotorua) Airborne MVNZ 2, Greta Averill (Hastings) Classic Roulette 3, Sophie Fisher (Cambridge) HR Moonbeam 4.


Cartown Cat A High Points: Ivye Speirs (Gisborne) Miss Candy Floss 1, Stellar Aulding (Gisborne) Hololio Sparkling Rose 2, Isobel Jayne Bevitt (Gisborne) Buffalo Man 3, Ella Rouse (Gisborne) Little Explorer 4, Amelia Samuels (Gisborne) Snoopy 5, Coco Fougere (Auckland) Hikurangi Belle 6.


Grassyards Farm Cat B High Points: Vienna Wilson (Taupo) Ashbury Robin Hood 1, Libby Wilson (Taupo) Waimeha Tayza 2, Ella Rouse (Gisborne) Ruby Tunes 3, Hannah McConnell (Tauranga) Billy Blunt 4, Coco Fougere (Auckland) Pips n All 5, Ava Stone (Gisborne) Pine Hollow Alpha Gold 6.


Aniwell Cat C High Points: Zara von Dadelszen (Waipukurau) Star Waka 1, Dylan Bibby (Onga Onga) Greedy McCready 2, Toby Lane (Gisborne) Lysnar Valley Lilly 3, Yasmin Coombe (Gisborne) Gone Girl 4, Karma Matenga (Gisborne) Last Spring 5, Lily Beaufoy (Gisborne) Storytime 6.


By Diana Dobson

27 January 2020