We must have a copy of your tertiary student ID before we can assign you points in the Main Events University Series.  We are currently missing more than half of these.  Please contact us urgently to check if this applies to you (if you are unsure) or email a copy of your tertiary student ID (or a copy certified by a New Zealand solicitor or JP) to ESNZ Jumping[email protected] 



New Zealand Universities JumpingChampionship Series


  1. Name:

The series will be named “The New ZealandUniversities Jumping Championship” and willcomprise of a New Zealand Universities RiderChampionship competition and a New ZealandUniversities Institute Championship competition tobe run in tandem.


  1. Qualification:


2.1.              Competitors will be eligible to take part inthis Series when they are enrolled as a full or part-time student at any recognised New Zealandtertiary education institute and they have beenissued with a photographic student identity cardfrom that same institute through until the start ofthe following academic year or the completion ofthe Series Final (whichever date last occurs).

2.2.              Competitors will be required to register forthis Series by emailing a copy of their tertiarystudent ID (or a copy certified by a New Zealandsolicitor   or JP) to ESNZ Jumping,[email protected], before obtaining anypoints in the Series.

24th January 2020