Olympians Clarke Johnstone and Jock Paget showed their years of experience in securing the overnight lead in 3 of the 4 classes at the Puhinui International Three Day Event today. In the prestigious Auckland Council 4* class Clarke Johnstone and Aces High jumped double clear to move from third place to lead, while dressage leader Renee Faulkner incurred 4 time faults which dropped them to 3rd place going into tomorrow’s final show jumping phase. Close up in second is Monica Oakley and Acrobat, who also jumped all clear. Johnstone now also sits in 5th place with Deo Volente – the rise up the leaderboard being some compensation for Johnstone who had been disappointed with both his dressage tests in the 4* class yesterday. Donna Edwards-Smith had a busy day with four rides in the 4* class and ended the day in 4th,7th,9th, places. Her first ride made an error mid course and was retired.

In the Gilmour’s 3* class Monica Oakley held onto her lead with Artist and has a jumping rail in hand over second placed Renee Faulkner and Mi Focus. The next 4 placings are very close so a dropped rail will be very expensive tomorrow. Just three rails separate the top 20 so a clear jumping round could move any of the riders well up the leaderboard, while a few rails could drop a rider well down the final placings.

Monica Oakley & Artist – Puhinui CCI3*-L XC 2019

Twenty horses went double clear in the Cross-Country phase of the Veterinary Associates CCI2*-L class saw which left the first four combinations on the scoreboard untouched. Olympian Jock Paget maintains his lead on Bing Bong over Mosgiel’s Ella Morshuis and World Famous with Abigail Long and Samantha Mynott close on their heels. Fifteen year old Ella and World Famous had a four day trip almost the length of New Zealand to compete and could put added pressure on Paget tomorrow with a clear round.  The only movement in the top placings  came from Greer Caddigan on Ricker Ridge Pico Boo moving from 6th up to 5th and Matthew Grayling on Henton Ambassador rising from 9th to 6th.

The Thompson Electrical CCN1*-L proved to be a very competitive class with 31 of the 41 starters jumping clear across country with no time faults. While Clarke Johnstone maintained his lead on Watermill Hadley, there was a slight change in the minor placings. Johnstone has just one rail in hand heading into the show jumping, with young Charlotte Treneary snapping at his heels in 2nd on her beautiful white pony, Kabo Pongo and 5th on her second ride, Mirrabella Piper. Behind Treneary’s first horse sits Leisa Keightley in 3rd, Francesca Masfen in 4th with Alyssa Harrison in 6th behind Treneary’s second horse.

The horse inspection tomorrow morning is the next hurdle for competitors with show jumping starting at 9.45am in the 1* class.

Note: Full results below

Auckland Council CCI4*-L Results

1st – Aces High & Clarke Johnstone 32.7 penalties
2nd – Acrobat & Monica Oakley 33.6 penalties
3rd – Rubinstar HH & Renee Faulkner 31.8 penalties
4th –DSE Tangalooma & Donna Edwards-Smith 41.7 penalties
5th – Deo Volente & Clarke Johnstone 42.8 penalties
6th – Alto et Audax & Beth Wilson 47.4 penalties

Gilmour’s CCI3*-L Results
1st – Monica Oakley & Artist 25.1 penalties
2nd – Renee Faulkner & Mi Focus 29.9 penalties
3rd – Bundy Philpott & Shillings 31.4 penalties
4th – Amanda Pottinger & Good Timing 32 penalties
5th – Elise Power & Arctic Cielo 32.5 penalties
6th – Heelan Tompkins & Oranoa Greyson 33.5 penalties


Veterinary Associates CCI2*-L Results

1st – Jonathan Paget aboard Bing Bong 27.1 penalties
2nd – Ella Morshuis aboard World Famous 28.4 penalties
3rd – Abigail Long aboard Cruising Guy 28.7 penalties
4th – Samantha Mynott aboard CHS Royal Genie 29.2 penalties
5th – Greer Caddigan aboard Ricker Ridge Pico Boo 31.8 penalties
6th – Matthew Grayling & Henton Ambassador 32.5 penalties


Thomson Electrical CCN 1*-L Results

1st – Clarke Johnstone & Watermill Hadley 26.1 penalties

2nd – Charlotte Treneary & Kabo Pongo 31 penalties

3rd – Leisa Keightley & Black Attire 31.5 penalties

4th – Francesca Masfen & Kinnordy Gallilee 32. 1 penalties

5th – Charlotte Treneary & Mirrabella Piper 32.8 penalties

6th – Alyssa Harrison & Da Vinci Code 33 penalties