It has been brought to our attention that a rule that was passed at conference has been presented incorrectly.  

The rule that was passed is: 

Article 259 – Officials 6. Stewards 6.1 The schooling area(s) and warming up area(s) should, and during National and Island championships, Premier and special competitions at the HOY show must always be supervised. One steward at least, should always be present whenever the arenas are in use to ensure that the rules are observed and practice arenas are not overcrowded so that all athletes get a fair chance to use the obstacles. Cups should be removed by the steward from practice arenas at the end of each day to prevent unsupervised jumping. A Chief Steward must always be appointed for NZ and Island Championships, Premier events, Young Horse Jumping Championships, and the HOY show from the list of National or FEI Stewards. All other events must have listed Stewards. See Annex 13.

 The intent was to have written All other events SHOULD have listed stewards. 

As a result of this we will not be enforcing this rule for this season. It is our intention that ESNZ Jumping Stewards become more commonplace at shows in the future but this will be phased in, and also advertised in advance. 

We strongly recommend that stewards are present at all shows holding Series Classes.


18 November 2019