Endorsed by some of the best equestrians here and overseas, AeroChill blankets and boots are available to buy in New Zealand with a 20% introductory discount for a limited time!

With over 10,000 sets of the boots sold worldwide, these revolutionary cooling products are proving popular because they work quickly, are non-toxic, lightweight, are activated in water and are less invasive than ice or frozen gel.

The best thing about AeroChill’s award winning blankets and boots according to Amanda aka Muzi Pottinger is that “that they are simply activated in water rather than having to buy ice or freeze ice packs!”

Amanda posted this photo of Ferg looking cool in his AeroChill blanket and boots after a workout at the beach.

“I’m excited to have these innovative, awarding winning products to use not only after cross country but also at home to ensure the team have the best recovery after fitness work or strenuous exercise,” said Amanda.

With the weather warming up and the season getting underway, make sure your horse keeps cool and in the best possible condition – they’ll love you for it.

20% discount for a limited time only on award-winning AeroChill blankets and boots! Just enter the Promo Code REGO19 (that’s the letter O) and the discount will be applied at the checkout.