Waikato based Grand Prix competitor Scott McKenna has been elected Chair of Dressage for a three year term.

At the Annual Awards Dinner, Scott paid tribute to former Chair Lynda Clark who had been on the Dressage Board for six years, three as Training & Development Officer and the last three as Chair  

Scott is a barrister and solicitor by trade, having practiced law for 13 years in the areas of civil and criminal litigation. He previously held the technical officer position for one term and therefore also has experience on the dynamics of the Board and the interaction between Dressage and ESNZ.

He is a dressage competitor,  having competed up to international grand prix level. He also trains numerous combinations from FEI level riders to children and adult beginners. By virtue of this  he has a valuable insight into the sport from the perspective of a rider and a trainer.

He considers his attributes to be a trusted person who is open, approachable, receptive to criticism and willing to consider all ideas, points of view and opinions, even when they conflict with his own.

His motivation to stand for Chair is his love for dressage and a desire to see the sport grow and become accessible to more people. I believe that our sport is unique and has huge potential for growth. The sport also faces some significant challenges. I am motivated to preserve the traditional nature of the sport and the values that underpin that while also adapting in positive and productive ways to modern challenges. l am committed to a culture of openness, transparency and inclusivity.

His primary goals are:

  1. To influence the culture of our sport to make it more inclusive of new participants and those on the fringes of our sport;
  2. To increase the level of transparency in the administration of our sport and increase dialogue between board members and all participants including riders, officials, volunteers, sponsors and dressage fans of any other description; and
  3. To lift the standard of dressage rider and training in New Zealand.