The RAS, ESNZ and NZPCA agreed at its joint meeting that it would move towards banning of inner ear trimming and whisker trimming, following other countries and because it is deemed an animal welfare issue.

 This is listed in our regulations for information purposes only at this stage, to be brought into the rules in the 2020 review next year. 

 Many horses and especially ponies, compete in other disciplines as well under the ESNZ banner.  So ESNZ cannot introduce this rule until the RAS has also introduced it as we might impede people’s ability to compete in showing and other ESNZ or NZPCA events.

 The matter will be discussed again at a joint NZPCA, RAS And ESNZ meeting later this year with a view to providing guidelines on what is acceptable and what is deemed unacceptable.  We will publish these when we have more information.  And it will also be discussed again at the ESNZ Technical Committee meeting next year where all General Regs are considered.