The 2019 ESNZ Dressage Tests Effective 1/8/19 are now available to view. Follow the link for more information

Dressage NZ acknowledges the assistance from the USDF, USEF, EFA /Dressage Australia and the Dressage Directory for their assistance in the production of this set of tests. 

The tests will promote the further development of training towards the FEI levels with the aim of providing an encouraging and progressive pathway for all riders and horses.

 There are now 6 Introductory level tests, 4 Preliminary tests (Level 1) and three technical plus one freestyle test for Novice (Level 2) Elementary (Level 3), Medium (Level 4), Advanced Medium (Level 5) and Advanced (Level 6). Single flying changes are introduced at Advanced Medium, and sequence changes gradually at Level 6. From 1/8/19, FEI Prix St Georges, Int I and Int I Freestyle, and all FEI Young Rider tests will be Level 7. Int A/B remains Level 8, and Grand Prix Level 9.

Dressage Rules effective 1/8/19 (yet to be published) will permit horses competing at the FEI levels to compete at Level 7, 8 or 9 with no restrictions on points. Points will continue to be recorded for statistical purposes. 

Organising committees have been recommended not to restrict horses to specific grades or levels at events to permit combinations to make a gradual competition progression. OC’s may restrict the number of tests a combination may enter per day however. 

The Test Book 2019 is supported by Hobson Horsecoaches, AR Dressage, Equizee, Custom Logistic, Matthews Hanoverians, Vetpro, Superior Rubber Surfaces, Zilco, Kiwi ArenaRakes, Back on Track & DesignFold. Test books will be available for purchase by 20th July through the ESNZ web shop, some tack shops and and area groups