With the introduction of the new tests on 1st August, we welcome any questions. 

Some August events are still using the 2013 tests. Make sure you know which version u are riding during August

To kick start the FAQ  we will talk about grading of horses. 
Previous levels 1-5 will see no change. But these will now be known as Preliminary, Novice, Elementary, Medium and Advanced Medium. Level 6 is now called Advanced and is not as difficult as Prix St Georges. If your horse currently has less than 30 Level 7 pts, you can compete in Advanced Level 6. You may also choose to compete in Level 7 which now includes the FEI Prix St Georges, Int I and Int I Freestyle. 
FEI YR tests will now be Level 7. Once you start competing at the FEI levels, horses can move up and down through Levels 7,8,9 with no restriction. This allows the very valuable schoolmasters to maybe move back from Level 8 or 9 to Level 7 
It is recommended that OC do not restrict combinations to one level at events but allow riders to choose the test best suited to their own development needs. OC are still able to restrict horses and riders to the number of tests they may compete in per day

Send your question to [email protected]

Test books will be available from the ESNZ shop later this week and from area groups and many saddlery shops. Tests are also on line www.nzequestrian.org.nz/dressage