It’s that time of year when we take stock of the season just gone and get excited about the season to come.
As we prepare for our annual audit and report, we are encouraged by all the things we’ve individually achieved in our sport, and as an organisation. It really feels like ESNZ at all levels is in good heart. We have put in place a number of things which have improved health and safety, modernised our membership and financial management systems, strengthened and simplified our disciplinary processes and increased our organisational capacity. All of which will sustain future growth and help us meet the challenges facing all member organisations, such as a changed funding and philanthropic environment.
While there have been challenges with bedding in our new database, it was long overdue and what we’ve learnt is that like all good things, it will need regular tending and updating so that we do not find ourselves in five years’ time struggling with an obsolete system which does not serve you, our members, or ESNZ as an organisation well. While still in its initial stages, the membership database (along with other initiatives) is fundamental to adding value for you as a member and providing evidence for future growth initiatives which will ensure the health and vitality of our sport. Our partners and funders demand increasingly sophisticated data, reporting and insights to maintain, yet alone increase funding.
The cost of pretty much everything has increased year on year.
After three years of no ESNZ fee increases (as opposed to discipline start fee increases) to ensure we can maintain and increase our membership services, sustain a viable and credible organisation, support our riders, officials and volunteers and continue to progress as a sport, we will be increasing ESNZ fees on 1 July 2019. We have tried as far as possible to minimise the increases – for Full Membership the rise equates to $6.66 per year, over three years.  In recognition of the amazing voluntary contribution of our officials and all those who support our riders and the sport, the annual Non-competing Membership remains unchanged.
The fees will increase on 1 July 2019 as follows:

Fee type
Current fee Increased fee
Full membership
$120 $140
Child membership
$80 $90
Introductory membership
$40 $50
Non-competing membership
$60 $60 (no change)
Casual registration
$10 $15
Equine registration
$75 $90