Do you want your organisation to be strong and healthy? 

What’s up?

We’re reviewing Equestrian Sports New Zealand’s Constitution.

Members are our owners! ESNZ is your organisation. While you may think that a review of ESNZ’s constitution has nothing to do with you, it has everything to do with you as a member. ESNZ’s structure, how it works, what it delivers to you as a member and how you exercise your power are all enshrined in the constitution.

Here’s where you will find more information including a discussion document and an online submission form

Why now?

The message we’re getting from you, our members, is that we need to engage with you more and demonstrate more clearly to you the value of your membership. We need to find ways to recruit, reward and retain our wonderful volunteers. And our funders and sponsors want to engage with a more joined up organisation which, as a whole, offers a better return on their funding and sponsorship dollar. Changes to the constitution are the first step in helping us to ensure that ESNZ has a strong and healthy future.

There are many reasons why we’re reviewing our constitution now, including that the Incorporated Societies Act is to be replaced and this requires ESNZ to update its constitution and rules. Also, increased competition for funding, sponsorship and our members’ time means that only those organisations which are clearly seen to be efficient will be supported by our members, stakeholders and sponsors. Effective governance of National Sports Organisations (NSOs) is an important element considered in funding decisions made by our funders and partners.

What’s changing?

Among other things, members are asked for their views on the purpose of ESNZ, its structure, the Board’s composition and tenure, who gets to vote on what, the role of President and Patron, the disputes procedure and the place of National Equestrian Centres in ESNZ.

We welcome feedback from all members and have provided various ways for you to give us feedback by 30 June 2019.

Have your say! Where can I find out more?

Here’s where you will find more information including a discussion document and an online submission form

Also, ESNZ Board members will meet with members at regional meetings of all disciplines combined in May and June 2019. The dates, times and locations of these meetings will be advised via Discipline boards, Area groups, NEC committees, the ESNZ website and social media channels.


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