Fitzsimon won two major titles on the final day of the Tavendale & Partners National Show Jumping Championships.

Windermere Cappuccino added a national title to his already comprehensive CV when he triumphed in the feature event in Christchurch today.

The final two round of the Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre National Grand Prix was watched by a good sized crowd who were treated to a nail-biting finish which came down to the last fence.

Tegan and the superstar Windermere Cappuccino (“Vollie”) came into the final round just 0.64 behind Steffi Whittaker on Eros K. Both horses had jumped clear in the first speed class on Friday and then again the first round of the Grand Prix. It all came down to the final round of the Gerit Becker designed course and it didn’t look like it was going to be Tegan’s day when Vollie took a pole. “He just felt like he was running out of fuel towards the end, it was really hot and he hasn’t done a lot of jumping since he won the World Cup Final,” Tegan said.

Steffi and Eros K had been looking good all show, but the big chestnut stallion made one mistake mid-way through the round, and then heartbreakingly knocked the last fence down as well, to give the win to Tegan and Vollie.

This win meant a lot to Tegan. “I didn’t really know where I was going to be with the horse and I didn’t even think I would be able to start in this competition. I am just grateful that I am here. He has given me everything today and he has come out on top. He really does deserve this title. I am so pleased that his name is now on the Mary Dalley Memorial Trophy.”

She also admitted to a few tears, and predicted there were many more to come as it looks like he will be sold to the USA. He has passed the veterinary inspections and now the potential new owner is coming out to ride the horse.  “Yes, there have been quite a few tears, but he is worth them.”


Tegan also came third in the class with her other horse, Double J Monarch. These placings came on top of another great win in the Hygain NZ National 1.30m Horse Championship on her faithful campaigner, Alacazam MH. The 20-year-old horse looked half his age, and headed off Molly Buist-Brown and Vali who looked like they had the competition wrapped up until they faulted at the last fence. Tegan triumphed again as a result and was delighted for Alacazam. “He has won Young Rider titles and stuff like that before, but never a National championship title. He must have heard us talking about him retiring!”

As to whether retirement ever will come for the horse, Tegan says it all just depends on how he feels from now on.  And as to celebrations after a great weekend of showjumping, Tegan doesn’t drink alcohol so was looking forward to a fanta and then a good sleep!


Lincoln’s Sophie Geddes had a thrilling result in the Fiber Fresh NZ National Pony Championship, taking out first and second place with her ponies Benrose Silver Shadow and Te Ngaio Raggamuffin respectively. “I have never been first and second before, so it is a pretty cool feeling,” she said. “I have never won a National title either though!”

Sophie has had Benrose Silver Shadow for just over a year, and Te Ngaio Raggamuffin for two years. The 15-year-old St Margaret’s College student is planning on heading to the Horse of the Year Show in Hastings in mid-March, with the Pony of the Year in her sights.


Final Competition Equissage NZ National Grand Prix Horse Championship (Sponsored By Wilcox Perlas Potatoes)

1st Windermere Cappuccino – Tegan Fitzsimon  (Canterbury)

2nd Eros K – Steffi Whittaker(Canterbury)

3rd Double J Monarch -Tegan Fitzsimon(Canterbury)

4th Cera Cassina – Kimberley Bird (Ashburton)

5th Kace – Kimberleigh McCabe (Southland)

6th Glenbrooke Archie Bunker – Chris Harris (Canterbury)


Final Competition Fiber Fresh NZ National Pony Grand Prix Championship

1st Benrose Silver Shadow – Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

2nd Te Ngaio Raggamuffin – Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

3rd MF Spot Me – Ella Wylie (Southland)     

4th EB Esperenza – Harriet Stock (Ashburton)

5th Ellen Vanin  – Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

6th BG Lennox – Peita Milne (Nelson)


Final Competition Hygain NZ National 1.30m Horse Championship

1st Alacazam MH – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

2nd Vali –  Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

3rd  WS Paradise – Rebecca Wardle (West Coast)

4th Kiwi Spirit – Grace Percy (Otago)

5th Donala Dundee – Angela Frewer (Canterbury)

6th Blytheburn Coruba – Carissa McGregor (Canterbury)


Final Competition Tavendale & Partners NZ National 1.20m Horse Championship            

1st Winterberg – Lucinda Askin (Ashburton) 

2nd Silversmith – Amy McMullan (SCNO)

3rd Commissioner – Chris Harris (Canterbury)

4th Wallflower – Kate Cavanagh (SCNO)

5th Lumarzo – Tyler McKee (Southland)

6th Kingslea Kiwi – Sophie Townsend (Canterbury)


Hilton Press NZ National 1.10m Horse Championship

1st LC Umhlanga Rocks – Nicole White (Southland)

2nd Williby Wisdom – Victoria Brown (Southland)

3rd RH Royally – Olivia Brown (Southland)

4th sunny Disposition – Grace Percy (Otago)

5th Ngahiwi Call Girl – Florence Tapley (Canterbury)

6th Emilio MSH – Jess Land (Canterbury)


Final Competeition Zilco NZ National 1m Horse Championship

1st Leopoldo TSH – Ella Rae-Wood (West Coast)

2nd Good Luck Charlie – Abbey Baker (Canterbury)

3rd Firebird – Timothy Richards (Canterbury)

4th Ziggy Stardust – Grace Percy (Otago)

5th Wonderguy – Pippa Collins (Otago)

6th Wotsup – Emma Harrington (Southland)


Final Competition T & M Nurseries NZ National 1.10m Pony Competition

1st Freestyle Twyst & Shout – Meg Bisset (Marlborough)

2nd Galaxy Masterpiece – Madeline Woods (Nelson)

3rd Tallyho Primrose – Ella Rae-Wood (West Coast)

4th Junior Disco – Samantha Gillies (SCNO)

5th Cocamo – Dan Harkerss (Kaikoura)

6th Code Spree – Hanna Lowe (Christchurch)


Final Competition RVC NZ National 1m Pony Championship

1st Tallyho Cleopatra – Ruby Rae-Wood (West Coast)

2nd Missing Pieces – Summer Borrie(SCNO)

3rd Tallyho Mayflower – Ella Wylie (Southland)

4th Aorangi Bella – Charlotte Bota (Asburton)          

5th Tui’s Tennesse – Sophie Pickens (Canterbury)

6th Windward Wiki – Rosa Buist Brown (Canterbury)


FMG Young Rider Series (Sponsored By NRM)

1st Lakota – Sophie Scott (Wellington)

2nd On the Point Eve – Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)

3rd RH Kukumoa – Olivia Brown (Otago)     

4th WS Paradise – Rebecca Wardle (West Coast)      


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Junior Rider Series (Sponsored By Pegasus Communications)

1st Icebreaker II – Tayler Nalder (Canterbury)

2nd Glenmark – Molly Moffatt (Canterbury)

3rd Hammertime – Caitlin Adams (Canterbury)

4th Kingslea Kiwi – Sophie Townsend (Canterbury)

5th Mr Gregory – Pippa Collins (Otago)

6th Dingmac Eccles – Rebecca Wardle (West Coast)


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Pro-Am Rider Series (Sponsored By Moa)

1st Icey Storm – Lauren Buckley (Otago)

2nd Eireann Bandoola – Gail Richardson (Southland)

3rd Kiwi Spirit – Grace Percy (Otago)

4th Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock (Canterbury)

5th Silversmith – Amy McMullan(SCNO)

6th Wairoa Renegade – Cam Robertson (Canterbury)


Hinterland Amateur Rider Series (Sponsored By McMillans Equine Feeds)

1st Emilio MSH – Jess Land (Canterbury)

2nd Tallaght – Margaret Ridley (Canterbury)

3rd Rocky Ridge – Nicola McLennan(Southland)

4th Evenstar – Harriet Gardner (SCNO)

5th Henry Matisse – Sacha Holm-Smith (Otago)

6th Hashtag Yolo HSH – Vicky Cole (Southland)


Matthews Hanoverians 7 Year Old Breeding Series (Sponsored By The Riders Shop)

1st Wallflower – Kate Cavanagh (SCNO)

2nd Cadenza NZPH – Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

3rd Vali – Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

4th Glenbrooke Centarose  – Sophie Scott (Wellington)


Mitavite Speedi-Beet 6 Year Old Breeding Series

1st Global PH Mylorde – Peita Milne (Nelson)

2nd  Glenbrooke All Roses  – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

3rd Campari – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

4th Double J Cyclone – Lucinda Askin (Ashburton)

5th Montreaux – Indiana Williams (Otago)


East Coast Performance Horses 5 Year Old Breeding Series (Sponsored By Platinum Performance)

1st Eye Catcher NZPH – Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

2nd Mojito GNZ -Emma Power (Canterbury)

3rd Double J Blueprint – Kaitlin Feast (Canterbury)

4th Global PH Carentinjo – Tamara Silcock (Nelson)