Larissa Srhoy and Rockquest lead after the dressage test on Saturday and didn’t relinquish the lead after completing both the show jumping and then the cross country test in the Ultimate Design and Renovation CCN3* Plus-S class at Eventing Canterbury’s first event of the year. 

“I couldn’t be happier with Rocky,” she said. “To come away with the win while stepping up to four-star level dressage and show jumping was great. He performed like a true professional in all three phases and I think he was pretty chuffed with himself to get to finally be allowed to show off his flying changes in the dressage!”
The class involved a three-star cross country track, but the dressage and the show jumping are at the next level so it was an ideal trial for Loburn-based Larissa to see how it went before stepping up to a full four-star class. However, she isn’t sure when this will be. “I’m still torn – I’ve got a wedding to plan for in April! We might just have to see how the wedding planning comes along but my big aim this season is the Taupo 3DE in May.”
Southland’s Corey Wood was the only combination to go clear and within the time, which bought him up to second place. All the other competitors jumped clear, but Kirsty Sharapoff was eliminated after she missed a jump out at the water complex towards the end of the course.  The incorrect line she took through the water was much harder as well and she really nailed it so she has been kicking herself ever since.
Waipara’s Courtney Davis and By Hoki were third. 
Molli Thacker, from Christchurch, had a good win in the Dunstan Horsefeeds CCN3* class on Happy Go Lucky, with the fastest cross country in the class. Jessie Fitzjohn and Whats The Buzz also flew around the Eyreton course today to move into second place and Rebecca Wardle on WS Paradise looked good across the country and finished in third. 
Molli described her 15-year-old thoroughbred as a star! “He felt really on form all weekend and has been working up really nicely for this event so it was great that we could go out and perform,” she said. “The cross country was big and bold which suits him down to a tee. He gave me a great ride round the course and felt super confident over the combinations.”
This was the pair’s first win at this level. “It was a great confidence boost as we prepare to head up to Hastings for the Horse of the Year in March to compete in the eventing 3* class,” said Molli. 
Cust’s Brent Jury and Gorky Park SE continued their good form from last year to win the Canterbury Equestrian Construction CCN2* and Anna Robertson and Valkyrie II finished on their dressage score to win The Cover Queen CCN105-S.
The weather forecast may have been awful and gave the organisers some concern earlier in the week but in the end there was very little rain but some spectacular clouds and rainbows instead. 
Canterbury Eventing’s next competition is 16 and 17 March. 

Ultimate Design and Renovation CCN3* Plus-S
1. Larissa Srhoy, Rockquest, 37.6
2. Corey Wood, Pick Up Line, 54.4
3. Courtney Davis, By Hoki, 64.1
4. Lydia Truesdale, Allander Rocket, 72.6

Dunstan Horsefeeds CCN3*-S
1. Molli Thacker, Happy Go Lucky, 42.3
2. Jessie Fitzjohn, Whats The Buzz, 46.6
3. Rebecca Wardle, WS Paradise, 47.2
4. Emily Cammock, Shaw Lee, 66.2
5. Rebecca Smithey, SD Amourosi, 68.8

Canterbury Equestrian Construction CCN2*-S
1. Brent Jury, SE Gorky Park, 32.7
2. Lucy Turner, Astek Victor, 33.9
3. Jordan Shrimpton, Ka Pai Kiwi, 35.3
4. Lauren Enright, Keepsake, 44.7
5. Sharne Paton, McConnell Road , 47.2

The Cover Queen CCN105-S
1. Anna Robertson, Valkyrie II, 33.9
2. Tarryn Jones, SE Highveld, 44.2
3. Lauryn Toomey, Double Connection, 53.3
4. Niamh Rayne, Cavallo Nero, 55.4
5. Emily Cammock, Golden Kiwi, 58.2

Rangiora Equestrian Supplies & The Rider Shop CCN105-S Under 21 Years
1. Ella Morshuis, World Famous, 30.9
2. Imogen Morrison, Agricola, 33
3. Brittany Fowler, Apsley Backchat Kid, 33.1
4. Rebecca Wardle, Dingmac Eccles, 37.3
5. Annabelle Jones, Braxton Boy, 43.1

Saddlery Barn CCN95-S
1. Rebecca Smithey, ESH Gratis, 36.8
2. Heather McKain, Y-Puna Frazer, 40
3. Rebecca Hadfield, Mr Strident, 40.5
4. Beth Krehic, Charlie Brown, 41
5. Frances Buckley, Kiteroa Dazure, 42.2

Saddlery Barn CCN95-S  Under 21 Years
1. Mikayla Jarvis, Surge, 34.1
2. Sophie Thomas, Toffee Du Lux, 39
3. Tayla Melvin, Westwood Tandiwe, 40.6
4. Lucy Cochrane, Haven Witchazel, 41.9
5. Brigette Mackay, Night Hawk, 44.8

Melwood Equestrian CCN80-S
1. Anna Poole, Muzza, 30.3
2. Kristen Haigh, MF Mouse, 36.8
3. Olivia Hall, Dingmac Disco King, 48.1
4. Molly Taylor, Southern Wish, 53
5. Courtney Davis, Reason To Believe, 67

Melwood Equestrian CCN80-S Under 21 Years
1. Fleur Carter-Hodder, Kabo Dancer, 32.6
2. Jamie Atkinson, Captain Cat, 32.6
3. Tess Morgan, Awatuna Fox Trot, 34.2
4. Eloise Thomas, Mr Hare, 37.4
5. Lucy Cochrane, Haven Davalia, 41

BetaVet CCN65-S
1. Olivia Skidmore, Little Gun, 35.3
2. Courtney Davis, Lima Lass, 44
3. Raquel Cook, Southern Triumph, 56.4
4. Rose Bowden, Up Town Funk, 63.6
5. Kelly O’Keefe, Brymstone, 75.2