Steffi Whittaker had a fantastic time at the 2019 South Island Show Jumping and Show Hunter Championships hosted by the South Canterbury North Otago Area at the Southern Canterbury A&P Showgrounds over the weekend.

The Eighteen Year Old brought home three big wins from Waimate starting with the Heather Young Memorial Tray for the FMG Young Rider SI Championship on Saturday. Riding the Stallion Eros K, Steffi recorded the only clear round to win ahead of four faulter Mackenzie Causer and Lasall. Steffi also picked up third place with On The Point Eve.

Steffi and Eros K also comfortably won the South Island Horse Of The Year Trophy for the ESNZ Premier League Series 140-160cm jumping double clear. She finished off her successful weekend in the Show Hunter ring taking home the Equine Veterinary Services SCNO High Points Overall Series Cover and the NRM High Points South Island Horse Title riding Cappuccino NZPH (Owned By Katie O’Neil).


Local SCNO rider Emma Gilles (Waitaki Bridge) was another rider taking home a haul of prizes after winning five South Island Titles over the weekend. Emma who also celebrated her twelfth birthday on Sunday took out the Barber Well Drilling SI Speed Title on Benrose Eclipse and Pinewood Rock n Roll won the Cartown Category A Pony Show Hunter Title. Her last three wins came on the Seventeen Year Old mare Moccochino, taking away the 110cm SI Championship, the Aniwell Category C Pony Show Hunter Title and the ESNZ Pony Rider Equitation. Sister Samantha also enjoyed success winning the Pony Mini Prix on Junior Disco.


Sophie Geddess and Te Ngaio Raggamuffin won The Country TV Pony Grand Prix with a second round time of 47.29 just ahead of MF Spot Me and Ella Wylies 47.58. Rosa Buist-Brown and Ellenvanin Untouchable were third. The win finished a great weekend for Sophie who was also second with Te Ngaio Raggamuffin and sixth with Benrose Silver Shadow in the pony speed title.


The Speed titles were exciting classes for spectators with a bending treble, bending double and a bounce combination. In the horses the course proved a challenge for many riders but Canterbury Eventer Kirsty Sharapoff and Shoot The Breeze made it look easy jumping clear in a time of 73.36 to win. Second place went to Molly Buist-Brown and Vali in 78.63 after adding four seconds for a rail, Morgan Baddlely and Mr Jerraco were third in 80.90. The fastest time for the class came from Nicola White and Lil LeRoux but three rails down saw them finish fourth in 84.04, Nicola also took out fifth with LC Samson, clear in a time of 84.31. Kaitlin Feast and Double J Barman were sixth in 84.89.


One of the most competitive jump-offs of the show came in the Dunstan and Equifibre Pro Am Rider series where seven combinations were double clear. First to go out of nine riders in the Jump off Tyler McKee and Lumarzo set the standard in 34.58 which eventually saw them finish third. Four riders later Lauren Buckley and Icey Storm’s time of 33.23 looked unbeatable until the last rider to go Zoe Shore and Burberry stopped the clock at 32.60 to win.


In the Dunstan and Equifibre Junior Rider there was a two way jump off. Out first the experienced combination of Tayler Nalder Icebreaker II were clear in a time of 39.19 but Molly Moffat and Glenmark rode a very smooth round to take the class out on 38.74.    Thirteen Year Old Molly was thrilled to win saying “When I knew I was in a two horse jump off I was excited to think we might even be second!”. Glenmark is a Twelve Year old gelding by Kinnordy Gym Bello who Molly’s mother Amanda Brown evented to Two Star Level.


Kate Perry and Casiraghi were the winners of the Hinterland Amateur Rider SI Title for the second year in a row producing the only clear in a three way jump off. South Canterbury Riders filled the next three placings with Jayne Beattie and Astek Reveal second, David Hutton and Rolux third and Harriet Gardner and Evenstar in fourth. 


Three combinations were double clear in the Matthews Hanoverians 7 year old. Molly Buist-Brown and the Euro Sport Centavos Gelding Vali won in a time of 34.89, Cadenza NZPH and Rose Alfeld were second in 38.66 with Chris Harris and Casebrook Commissioner third with 39.17.


The Only double clear saw Courtney Townsend and the Andretti Mare “Adele” win the Mitavite Speedi-Beet 6 Year Old Class in a time of 37.27, Kirstin Beaven and Dolly NZPH were second with four faults in 34.48. It was a similar story in East Coast Performance Horses 5 Year Old Class where Rose Alfeld and Eye Catcher NZPH (By Kannan) were the only double clear to win with a time of 47.57. Emma Power and Mojoto GNZ finished in second with 43.50 after dropping a rail.   


As well as designing in the South Canterbury Saddlery Ring One, local FEI Level 3 course designer Roger Laplanche was honoured to win the Mary Snoep Memorial Tray as the South Island Volunteer of the Year, presented by SCNO SJ Patron Noelene Darling on Sunday.   

Sarah Ching flew down from Nelson to design Ring Two and Donella Still was in charge of the Mainland Coachwork Ring 3.




ESNZ Premier League Series

1st       Eros K                                     Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)

2nd      Glenbrooke Archie Bunker     Chris Harris (Canterbury)

3rd       LC Samson                             Nicole White (Southland)


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series

1st       Te Ngaio Raggamuffin           Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

2nd      MF Spot Me                           Ella Wylie (Southland)

3rd       Ellen Vanin                             Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury)


FMG Young Rider Series

1st       Eros K                                     Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)

2nd      Lasall                                      Makenzie Causer (Canterbury)

3rd       On the Point Eve                     Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)

4th       RH Kukumoa                          Olivia Brown (Otago)

5th       Golden Mile                           Adam Ford (Canterbury)


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Junior Rider Serie

1st       Glenmark                                Molly Moffatt (Canterbury)

2nd      Icebreaker II                            Tayler Nalder (Canterbury)

3rd       Hammertime                          Caitlin Adams (Canterbury)

4th       Kingslea Kiwi                         Sophie Townsend (Canterbury)

5th       Enzo GTO                               Milly Robinson (Otago)

6th       Silver Gamble                         Hollie Kooman  (Otago)


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Pro-Am Rider Series

1st       Burberry                                 Zoe Shore (Ashburton)

2nd      Icey Storm                              Lauren Buckley (Otago)

3rd       Lumarzo                                 Tyler McKee (Southland)

4th       Donala Dundee                       Angela Frewer (Canterbury)

5th       Ngahiwi Double Cross           Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

6th       Eireann Bandoola                   Gail Richardson (Southland)


Hinterland Amateur Rider Series

1st       Casiraghi                                Kate Perry (Ashburton)

2nd      Astek Reveal                          Jayne Beattie (SCNO)

3rd       Rolux                                      David Hutton (SCNO)

4th       Evenstar                                  Harriet Gardner (SCNO)

5th       Repertoire ll                            Jessica Fahey (Southland)

6th       Renoir NZPH                          Emma Waite (Ashburton)


Matthews Hanoverians 7 Year Old Breeding Series

1st       Vali                                         Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

2nd      Cadenza NZPH                       Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

3rd       Commissioner                         Chris Harris (Canterbury)

4th       Casanova NZPH                     Georgina Dormer (Canterbury)


Mitavite Speedi-Beet 6 Year Old Breeding Series

1st       Adele                                     Courtney Townsend (Canterbury)

2nd      Dolly NZPH                            Kirstin Beaven (Canterbury)

3rd       Campari                                  Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

4th       Double J Barista                    Harry Feast (Canterbury)

5th       Montreaux                              Indiana Williams (Otago)

6th       Tuxedo                                    Emma Power (Canterbury)


East Coast Performance Horses 5 Year Old Breeding Series

1st       Eye Catcher NZPH                 Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

2nd      Mojito GNZ                            Emma Power (Canterbury)

3rd       Lion Heart                              Sarah Parkes (Marlborough)

4th       Double J Blueprint                 Kaitlin Feast (Canterbury)


South Canterbury Saddlery South Island Speed Horse Title 125cm

1st       Shoot The Breeze                   Kirsty Sharapoff (Canterbury)

2nd      Vali                                         Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

3rd       Mr Jerraco                              Morgan Baddeley (Canterbury)

4th       Lil LeRoux                              Nicole White(Southland)

5th       LC Samson                             Nicole White (Southland)

6th       Double J Barman                    Kaitlin Feast (Canterbury)


Barber Well Drilling  South Island Speed Pony Title 115cm

1st       Benrose Eclipse                      Emma Gillies (SCNO)

2nd      Te Ngaio Raggamuffin           Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

3rd       Junior Disco                            Samantha Gillies (SCNO)

4th       Windward Wiki                      Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

5th       Night Beetle                           Harriet Stock (Ashburton)

6th       Benrose Silver Shadow          Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)


Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix SI Championship 140cm

1st       Kace                                        Kimberleigh McCabe (Southland)

2nd      Cadenza NZPH                       Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

3rd       Mr Jerraco                              Morgan Baddeley (Canterbury)

4th       Lil LeRoux                              Nicole White (Southland)

5th       RH Kukumoa                          Olivia Brown (Otago)

6th       Double J Bouncer                   Harry Feast (Canterbury)


Canterbury Saddlery Pony Mini Prix South Island Champion 120cm

1st       Junior Disco                            Samantha Gillies (SCNO)

2nd      Freestyle Twyst & Shout        Meg Bisset (Marlborough)

3rd       Benrose Eclipse                      Emma Gillies (SCNO)

4th       Code Spree                             Hanna Lowe  (Canterbury)

5th       Cocamo                                   Dan Harkerss (Canterbury)

6th       Wembleybrook Tiffany          Johanna Wylaars (Canterbury)


Crombie Lockwood Open Horse 130cm SI Championship

1st       Donala Dundee                       Angela Frewer (Canterbury)

2nd      Silversmith                             Amy McMullan (SCNO)

3rd       Campari                                  Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

4th       Alacazam MH                         Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

5th       Ngahiwi Double Cross           Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

6th       Blytheburn Coruba                 Carissa McGregor (Canterbury)


Purvis Feeds Horse 120cm SI Championship

1st       Emilio MSH                           Jess Land (Canterbury)

2nd      Double J Barman                    Kaitlin Feast (Canterbury)

3rd       Smartymarty                           Kate Beattie (Otago)

4th       Extravaganza                          Noah Coutts (Otago)

5th       Casa Domani                          Lucinda Askin (Ashburton)

6th       Flying Dutchman DHU          Lucinda Askin (Ashburton)


Whiterocks Stud & Feed Horse SI 110cm Championship

1st       Firebird                                   Timothy Richards (Canterbury)

2nd      Leopoldo TSH                        Ella Rae-Wood (West Coast)

3rd       ST Ammolite                          Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

4th       Mojito GNZ                            Emma Power (Canterbury)

5th       Glenbrooke All Roses             Tanya Davie (Otago)

6th       Melmarie King Kong              Zoe Haylock (Canterbury)


Jordan Dent Farrier Horse SI 100cm Championship

1st       Bellwood Bandit                     Michelle Marais (Canterbury)

2nd      Pendarra’s Nemo                     Kate Mahan (Canterbury)

3rd       Arctic Invader                         Harriet Gardner (SCNO)

4th       Rednalhgih Galaxy Fleur Dior’ Kayla Wilson (Otago)

5th       Desire NZPH                          Sonia McKerchar (SCNO)

6th       RH Fire Opal                          Katrina McPherson (Canterbury)


Equi-Lise Pony Points SI 110cm Championship

1st       Moccochino                            Emma Gillies (SCNO)

2nd      Missing Pieces                        Summer Borrie (SCNO)

3rd       Windward Wiki                      Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

4th       Tallyho Cleopatra                   Ruby Rae-Wood  (West Coast)

5th       Tironui Firecracker                 Molly Moffatt (Canterbury)

6th       Piece By Piece                                   Emma Ferguson  (Canterbury)


Sound Fibre Pony SI 100cm Championship

1st       Tui’s Tennessee                       Sophie Pickens (Canterbury)

2nd      Dingmac Fable                       Johanna Wylaars  (Canterbury)

 3rd      Mr Odd Fellow                       Bella van Miltenburg (Southland)

4th       Stella                                       Lucy Black (SCNO)

5th       Marvelous Mavis                    Cara Quinn (Otago)

6th       Benrose Obbi                          Ellie Templeton (Otago)


Roundhill Ski Area Pony SI 90cm Championship

1st       Dusky                                      Bella Davis

2nd      Corivale Greased Lightning   Eva Wylaars  (Canterbury)

3rd       Kabo Zoolander                      Chloe Martin (Canterbury)

4th       Chocolate Moose                    Alyssa Astle (Canterbury)

5th       Diamond Cheval                     Pip Eason (Otago)

6th       Sweyn’s-Ey                             Mackenzie Morgan (Canterbury)


Cartown Category A Pony Show Hunter South Island Title

1st        Pinewood Rock n Roll            Emma Gillies (SCNO)


Burger King Category B Pony Show Hunter South Island Title

1st        Bexley Lodge Tinkabella       Molly Smith (SCNO)


Aniwell Category C Pony Show Hunter South Island Title

1st        Moccochino                            Emma Gillies (SCNO)


ESNZ Equitation Pony Equitation South Island Title

1st        Moccochino                            Emma Gillies (SCNO)


Gyro Plastics Junior Rider Show Hunter South Island Title

1st        Hokey Pokey                          Georgia Allison (Canterbury)


The Ultimate Egg Co Amateur Rider Show Hunter South Island Title

1st        Carolina                                  Zoe Shore (Ashburton)


ESNZ Junior Equitation South Island Title

1st        Paintball                                  Georgia Allison (Canterbury)


ESNZ Adult Equitation South Island Title

1st        Merano                                    Anna Douglass (SCNO)


NRM Open Horse High Points South Island Title

1st        Cappuccino NZPH                 Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)


Couplands Animal Food SCNO Pony High Points Series

1st        Pinewood Rock n Roll            Emma Gillies (SCNO)


Equine Veterinary Services SCNO Horse High Point Series

1st        Cappuccino NZPH                 Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)


Story: Anna Douglass 
Photos: Rosa Douglass