Tegan Fitzsimon finished her year on a high recording four wins today at the Ashburton Area ESNZ Show. After five weeks on the road in a successful North Island trip, Tegan celebrated being back in the South Island by taking out the Equissage Horse Grand Prix on Windermere Cappuccino, the Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix on Double J Monarch, the Carrfields 125cm Horse Championship on Alacazam MH. She also finished first equal in the Mitavite Speedi Beet 6-year-old on Campari.

Tegan said “It’s super nice to be home, but we are heading back up north next week”. Her team will now head to the World Cup Show at Dannevirke.


New Zealand Performance Horses ruled the Age Group Series, with Rose Alfeld winning both the Matthews Hanoverians 7-year-old and the East Coast Performance Horses 5-year-old classes on Cadenza NZPH and Eye Catcher NZPH. In the Mitavite Speedi-Beet 6-year-old Series class Kirsten Beaven on Dolly NZPH finished first equal with Tegan Fitzsimon on Campari and Courtney Townsend on Adele.  


In the Country TV Pony Grand Prix Rosa Buist-Brown on Ellen Vanin Untouchable and Sophie Geddess on Benrose Silver Shadow completed clear first rounds. Five riders returned for round two where Sophie and her second pony Te Ngaio Raggamuffin were clear to finish in third place. Rosa and Ellen Vanin Untouchable had both parts of the double down for a total of eight faults and a time of 61.40. Sophie returned to the ring with Benrose Silver Shadow knowing what she needed to do, but with rails falling at the first and third fences she picked her speed up, finishing on eight faults in a time of 60.75 to win.


Results –  

Equissage Horse Grand Prix Series (Sponsored by Wholesale Seeds)

1st Windermere Cappuccino – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

2nd LC Samson – Nicole White (Southland)

3rd Eros K – Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series (Sponsored by Isuzu Mid Canterbury)

1st Benrose Silver Shadow – Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

2nd Ellen Vanin Untouchable – Rosa Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

3rd Te Ngai Raggamuffin – Sophie Geddes (Canterbury)

4th EB Esperanza – Harriet Stock (Ashburton)

5th Bizzie Canoodling – Noah Coutts (Otago)


FMG Young Rider Series (Sponsored by Mainland Coachwork)

1st Eros K – Steffi Whittaker (Canterbury)

2nd Vali – Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

3rd RH Kukumoa – Olivia Brown (Otago)

4th Lasall – Makenzie Causer (Canterbury)

5th Waitangi Casalla – Rohan Tenekoon (Canterbury)

6th Cosmopolitan – Grace O’Sullivan (Canterbury)


Hinterland Amateur Rider Series (Sponsored by Orari Estate)

1st Tallaght – Margaret Ridley (Canterbury)

2nd Casiraghi – Kate Perry (Ashburton)

3rd Astek Reveal – Jayne Beattie (SCNO)

4th Renoir NZPH – Emma Waite (Ashburton)

5th Emilio MSH – Jess Land (Canterbury)

6th Evenstar – Harriet Gardner (SCNO)


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Junior Rider Series (Sponsored by Property Brokers – Greg Jopson)

1st Icebreaker II – Tayler Nalder (Canterbury)

2nd Extravaganza – Noah Coutts (Otago)

3rd Bridgemere Havana – Brianna Bailey (Canterbury)

4th Tango Time – Leah Zydenbos (Canterbury)

5th Hammertime – Caitlin Adams (Canterbury)

6th Paintball – Georgia Allison (Canterbury)


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Pro-Am Rider Series (Sponsored by Dave Thomson Harcourts Rural)

1st Kiwi Spirit – Grace Percy (Otago)  

2nd Wallflower – Kate Cavanagh (SCNO)    

3rd Westgrove GNZ – Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

4th Stratos – Tyler McKee (Southland)

5th Blytheburn Coruba – Carissa McGregor (Canterbury)

6th Ngahiwi Double Cross– Katie Meredith (Canterbury)


Matthews Hanoverians 7-Year-Old Breeding Series

1st Cadenza NZPH – Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)

2nd Vali – Molly Buist-Brown (Canterbury)

3rd Wallflower – Kate Cavanagh (SCNO)

4th Stratos – Tyler McKee (Southland)


Mitavite Speedi-Beet 6-Year-Old Breeding Series

1st = Dolly NZPH – Kirsten Beaven (Canterbury)

1st = Adele – Courtny Townsend (Canterbury)

1st = Campari – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)


East Coast Performance Horses 5-Year-Old Breeding Series

1st Eye Catcher NZPH – Rose Alfeld (Canterbury)


Canterbury Saddlery Pony Mini Prix Series

1st Cocamo – Dan Harkeress (Kaikoura)

2nd Wembleybrook Tiffany – Joanna Wylaars (Canterbury)

3rd HD Stormy Lass – Sophie Geddess (Canterbury)

4th Galaxy Disco Fever II – Alyssa Ward (Canterbury)

5th Tallyho Zues – Nadia Houston (SCNO)

6th Benrose Golden Ticket  – Samantha Gillies (SCNO)


Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix Series (Sponsored by Hayden McKenzie Contracting)

1st Double J Monarch – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

2nd Lasall – Makenzie Causer (Canterbury)

3rd Lil Leroux – Nicole White (Southland)

4th Kiwi Spirit – Grace Percy (Otago)

5th RH Kukumoa – Olivia Brown (Otago)


Equi-lise South Island Pony Points Prize 110cm (Sponsored by Provida/Nettex)

1st Junior Disco – Samantha Gillies (SCNO)

2nd Pavlova – Katherine Hadler (Canterbury)

3rd Benrose Eclipse – Emma Gillies (SCNO)
4th Hez Sweet As – Samantha Gillies (SCNO)

5th Missing Pieces – Summer Borrie (SCNO)

6th CS Sarbec Drummer Boy – Bailey Clifford (Canterbury)


Carrfields Horse Championship 125cm

1st Alacazam MH – Tegan Fitzsimon (Canterbury)

2nd Banderas C – Harry Feast (Canterbury)

3rd Ngahiwi Double Cross– Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

4th Dubai 2 – Katie Meredith (Canterbury)

5th Attaboy – Louise Marriot (Canterbury)

6th Icebreaker II – Tayler Nalder (Canterbury)