Permitted Saddlery & Bits Rules Update 1 January 2019

The 2019 FEI dressage rules have been released. Dressage NZ has a policy to follow FEI rules regarding permitted types of equipment for use in national competitions

For NZL riders competing in FEI CDI 2* (Int A/B Tour) and CDIY at the Bates Nationals,  and CDIY at the Land Rover Horse of the Year Show, please note it is now possible for a permitted snaffle to be used.

FEI Dressage Art 428:

2.2.1 A snaffle bridle or double bridle is allowed in CDI1* and 2*, CDIJ and CDIY.

In addition to Art 428 SADDLERY, the FEI has included Annex 16 in the Rule book illustrating examples of types of bits that can be used that are permissible.

The pdf document Summary of Approved and Non-Permitted Equipment  for FEI Dressage is no longer applicable from 31 December 2018

Please follow the links for further information

FEI Dressage Rules Effective 1 January 2019

Saddlery Art 428 and Annex 16 only