Leading South Island riders headed to the Southern Canterbury A&P Showgrounds at Waimate this weekend for the South Canterbury North Otago Spring Has Sprung Show. Strong entries across all four rings saw over 355 horses and ponies competing. Show director Tim Douglass was pleased the way a full weekend of jumping ran.

“This is the largest amount of entries we’ve ever had for our Spring Show,” says Tim.  “The A&P has recently completed extensive resurfacing work on the Ring 1 Warm up and surrounding area, which won’t be ready for use until later this season. This meant we had to reshuffle competition rings and warm up areas but the new layout worked well.”


FEI Level 2 Course Designer Barry Manson (Southland) designed in the South Canterbury Saddlery Ring 1 and his courses provided a positive start for what was many riders first show of the season. All of the rider series classes took place on Saturday with plenty of competitive jump offs. The FMG Young Rider had five combinations producing double clear rounds. Steffi Whittaker and Ngahiwi Cruise were the fastest of these to take the win and Steffi also picked up fourth place on her second ride On The Point Eve.  Kate Perry and Casiraghi took out the The Hinterland Amateur Rider class, after a fast paced 11 horse jump off. The Dunstan Horsefeeds and Equifibre Pro-Am was won by Lauren Buckley and Icey Storm and the Dunstan Horsefeeds and Equifibre Junior Rider by Gussie Thompson and Grey Shades.


The Equissage Horse Grand Prix had seven combinations start. Steffi Whittaker on Eros K and Nicole White on LC Samson both jumped clear first rounds and all combinations returned for round two. The second round of competition saw everyone jump clear with Steffi finishing in the faster time of 40.34 to take the win ahead of Nicole’s 41.95. Four faulters Todd Magner (Awatuna Jonesy) and Chris Harris (Glenbrooke Archie Bunker) placed 3rd and 4th 


The Country TV Pony Grand Prix saw eight ponies start, four of these jumped clear first rounds and six returned for round two. Current National Grand Prix Champion Rosa Buist-Brown and Junior Disco again jumped clear in round two in a time of 40.09 to win ahead of Sophie Geddes (Benrose Silver Shadow) time of 42.65. Oliva Adams (Sweet Cappuccino) were also clear in a time of 47.95 to finish 3rd. Noah Coutts and Bizzie Canoodling added four faults to their first round clear to place 4th.


Harriet Stock and EB Esperanza won the Canterbury Saddlery Pony Mini Prix and the Cavalleria Toscana Horse Mini Prix was won by Olivia Brown and RH Kukumoa. Course designer for Ring 2 was Emma Barker (Otago) and Ray Ward-Smith (Timaru) was in charge of designing the Mainland Coachwork Ring 3. Competition again heads to Waimate next weekend for the Southern Canterbury A&P Equestrian Show. 


Story by: Anna Douglass
Photos by: Rosa Douglass 

Results –


FMG Young Rider Series 1.25-1.35m

1 Ngahiwi Cruise – Steffi Whittaker

2 Cosmopolitan – Grace O’Sullivan

3 RH Kukumoa – Olivia Brown

4 On The Point Eve – Steffi Whittaker

5 Waitangi Casalla – Rohan Tennekoon

6 Llama – Maddison Thompson


Hinterland Amateur Rider Series 1.10-1.20m

1 Casiraghi – Kate Perry

2 Silversmith – Amy McMu11an

3 Emilio MSH – Jess Land

4 Tallaght – Margaret Ridley

5 Kuriwao Hawke – Jess Paul

6 Rolux – David Hutton


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Junior Rider Series 1.15-1.25m

1 Grey Shades – Augusta Thompson

2 Klngslea Kiwi – Sophie Townsend

3 Lasall – Makenzie Causer

4 Icebreaker II – Tayler Nalder

5 Elleway GNZ – Makenzie Causer

6 Paintball – Georgia Allison


Dunstan Horsefeeds & Equifibre Pro-Am Rider Series 1.20-1.30m

1 Icey Storm – Lauren Buckley

2 Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock

3 KBS The Irishman – Rose Alfeld

4 Beaumont Geldolf – Abby Hore

5 Shoot The Breeze – Kirsty Sharapoff

6 Allander Rocket – Lydia Truesdale


Equissage Horse Grand Prix Series 1.40-1.50m

1 Eros K – Steffi Whittaker

2 LC Samson – Nicole White

3 Awatuna Jonesy  – Todd Magner

4 Portofino – Lucinda Askin

5 Glenbrooke Archie Bunker – Chris Harris

6 Double J Bouncer – Harry Feast


Country TV Pony Grand Prix Series 1.20-1.30m

1 Junior Disco – Rosa Buist-Brown

2 Benrose Silver Shadow – Sophie Geddes

3 Sweet Cappuccino – Olivia Adams

4 Bizzie Canoodling – Noah Coutts

5 Mr Black Magic – Olivia Adams

6 Waiotahi Belle – Pippa Collins


Canterbury Saddlery Pony Mini Prix Series 1.10-1.20m

1 EB Esperenza – Harriet Stock

2 Benrose Playtime – Emma Gillies

3 Tallyho Zeus – Nadia Houston

4 Get Rhythm – Madeline Haugh

5 Night Beetle – Harriet Stock

6 Tironui Firecracker – Molly Moffatt


South Canterbury Saddlery Series 1.20m

1 Lil LeRoux – Nicole White

2 Ngahiwi Cruise – Steffi Whittaker

3 Windermere Cappuccino – Tegan Fitzsimon

4 Smartymarty – Kate Beattie

5 On the Point Eve – Steffi Whittaker

6 Shoot The Breeze – Kirsty Sharapoff


Open Pony Barber Well Drilling Series 1.10m

1 Sassy – Augusta Thompson

2 Bennose Playtime – Emma Gillies

3 Mangakaraa Carbon Copy – Anna Nalder

4 Galaxy Disco Fever ll – Alyssa Ward

5 Get Rhythm – Madeline Haugh

6 Tallyho Zeus – Nadia Houston


 Roundhill Ski Area Series Pony 90cm

1 Halcyon Eleven – Erin Wilson

2 Brooklee Banknote – Mikayla Wycliffe

3 Mt Tulloch Royal Falcon – Amy Johnston

4 Missing Peices – Summer Borrie

5 Diamond Cheval – Philippa Eason

6 Aorangi Bella – Charlotte Bota


Jordan Dent Farrier Series Horse 1.00m

1 Tiramea Legacy – Jeanine Lester

2 Rock A Bella – Makaela Bruce

3 Bellwood Bandit – Michelle Marais

4 Pearl Jam – Emma Simpson

5 Paradise Brigadier – Grace Percy

6 Rednalhgih Galaxy Fleur Dior’ – Kayla Wilson


Speed Pony Barber Well Drilling Series Pony 1.10m

1 Cocamo – Dan Harkerss

2 Benrose Playtime – Emma Gillies

3 Benrose Eclipse – Emma Gillies

4 Benrose Silver Shadow – Sophie Geddes

5 Night Beetle – Harriet Stock

6 Galaxy Disco Fever II – Alyssa Ward


Speed Horse South Canterbury Saddlery Series Horse 1.20m

1 Smartymarty – Kate Beattie

2 Shaw Lee – Emily Cammock

3 La Riviere – Annabel Francis

4 Icebreaker II – Tayler Nalder

5 Carinoso – Amanda Paul

6 Midnight Magic Rumble – Kate Beattie


Roundhill Ski Area Series 90cm

1 Tallyho Blue Masquerade – Madeline Haugh

2 Mt Tulloch Royal Falcon – Amy Johnston

3 Foxley Pocket Rocket – Maygen Gubb

4 Earnest – Amanda Shallard

5 Missing Pieces – Summer Borrie

6 Galaxy Strawberry Split – Breagha Beggs


Jordan Dent Farrier Series 1.00m

1 Henry Matisse – Sacha Holm-Smith

2 Rednalhgih Galaxy Fleur Dior’ – Kayla Wilson

3 Paradise Brigadier – Grace Percy

4 Radiradirah – Zara Power

5 Double Shot Espresso – Sarah Peterson

6 Tiramea Legacy – Jeanine Lester