With regards to the recent request from FEI for National Federations to vote for their preferred version of the Endurance rules, the ESNZ Endurance Board wishes to make the following statement.

The ESNZ Endurance Board, having discussed and considered the views of the membership at the 2018 AGM forum, are giving Vicki Glynn the instruction to vote in favour of the 2019 rules. These rules included no change to the current stand downs, but extended stand downs for horses that had competed at speeds averaging 20 kph or over. 
 Main differences between the 2018 and 2019 rules

Statement from the FEI regarding Endurance Rules

In the absence of an operational Endurance Committee whose responsibility would normally be to review your comments on the proposed modifications to the Endurance Rules, the Bureau has agreed to provide the FEI General Assembly 2018 with the option to:

      –      Maintain the current edition of the Endurance Rules (9th edition, updates effective 1st January 2018)


     –    Apply the Endurance Rules as approved by the FEI General Assembly 2017, effective 1 January 2019.  (Notethese are the 2019 rules that were passed at the 2017 FEI AGA, not the proposed changes that were released in July 2018.)     

The full version of the 2018 and 2019 rules  can be found here