It’s been a quiet day for competition but plenty going on behind the scenes today. The eventers all shipped out – horses, riders and nearly all of the grooms. They’ve left a lasting impression with Peter Morris, head of the mixed zone, taking time to tell our GM Dana Kirkpatrick how impeccable and professional they have been.

The showjumpers had an arena familiarisation and all looked pretty special. Chef d’equipe Helena Stormanns tells me all jumped really well, they’re looking fresh and everyone is amped for competition tomorrow. The team has drawn “lucky” number 13 so here’s hoping it comes in for us.

The weather is now gorgeous – sunhat and sun block weather to be sure! There’s hardly a puddle to be found.

We headed to Walmart for necessary supplies this afternoon. We’re all clearly branded and got stopped by half a dozen people keen to welcome us, make sure we were enjoying our stay here and to eeek out conversation because they just love our accents. Hard not to feel welcome to be honest!


By Diana Dobson, New Zealand team media liaison

Photos by Libby Law Photography, Sarah Dalziell-Clout and Diana Dobson