NZL-Sir Mark Todd with McClaren during the First Horse Inspection. 2017 NED-Military Boekelo CCIO3* FEI Nation Cup Eventing. Wednesday 4 October. Copyright Photo: Libby Law Photography


McClaren, or Mac…….also known as #superpony and #superMac is Sir Mark Todd’s war horse in a pony body.  Not that Mac has any idea of his size, he is pretty convinced he is 10 feet tall and his arrogance knows no bounds.  

He much prefers to have his staff to himself and Sir Mark’s team manager, Jess Wilson, said that the Saumur Complet in France suited Mac perfectly as she only had him to look after.  The same was true at Boekelo which is right up Mac’s street.  He spent much of his youth at novice level and found life incredibly easy and then at 10 years old hooked up with Sir Mark and stepped up to CCI 3 star within a year and was a member of the NZ Nations Cup winning team at Boekelo in the Netherlands. Other horses wait years and slog round endless three days before being called up for a team… Mac thinks it’s all a stroll in the park!  Boekelo was also the last time he headed out cross country in a rubber snaffle.  Mark returned to the collecting ring and commented: “The pony got quite strong coming home!”

He refuses to be left in the horsebox on his own and has other diva like personality traits that are only tolerated in proper super stars.

The diminutive 16 hh, 11-year-old Holsteiner gelding and the 6’4″ Toddy have proved to be a force to be reckoned with in the past…. I am sure, if Mac could talk, he would say “Move over Charisma ‘cos this is my era now!”

Apologies to Podge (aka Charisma).  I told you Mac was arrogant.


Story by Jacky Green