There’s a clutch of Kiwis in the top 10 of both CIC3* and CIC2* at the Barbury International Horse Trials in the UK.

Jesse Campbell and Cleveland notched a 27.9 penalty point dressage score to claim fifth spot in the CIC3*, with Andrew Nicholson and Yacabo BK on 28.1 in seventh. Caroline Powell and Up Up and Away are in 13th with their 32.6 penalty point effort, with Powell also on 35.5 with On the Brash. Blyth Tait and Leo Distinction scored 39.5. Nicola Wilson (GBR) and Bulana still lead the 70-strong class on 25.2 but Alex Hua Tian (CHINA) and Don Geniro are right on their tails with 25.3.

In the CIC2* (section E), Jonelle Price, who is just back from a fleeting visit to New Zealand, and Cooley Showtime are in third on 26, with Nicholson aboard As Is in fifth on 28.8 and Tim Price on Falco in sixth on 28.9. Bruce Haskell and Amiro Sky scored 31.4 to sit in 14th with Powell and Lady Donnerhall in 28th on 34.1 and Tim Rushbridge aboard Peaky Blinder on 36.2.

Hua Tian and Dhi Jet Set leads the 80-strong field on 23.8.

In the CIC2* (section D), Campbell and Diachello II are very handy with their seventh place 25.8 penalty point score, with Nicholson and Andrea BT4 in 11th on 27.1, Dan Jocelyn aboard Fjury in 19th on 30.1, Tim Price aboard Up in the Air scoring 32.6 and Jonelle Price on Hester sitting on 35.8.

Toshiyuki Tanaka (JAP) and Talma D Allou lead the field on 22.7.

Sir Mark Todd aboard McClaren and Tim Price on Pats Jester are tied on 30.3 in the CIC2* (section C) pack, which is being led by Sam Griffiths (AUS) and Billy Liffy on 25.4. Nicholson scored 32.9 aboard Zacarias and 34.1 on Teseo, with Hannah Norvill aboard magic Roundabout IV on 35, Jocelyn on Lissyegan Rory on 36 and Jonelle Price aboard Grappa Nera on 45.3 in the 76-strong field.

Tonight is the start of the CIC3* Event Rider Masters class, with Virginia Thompson and Star Nouveau second out on début. Jonelle Price and Kindred Spirit IV are 17th to go, Nicholson and Swallow Springs five combinations later, followed by Blyth Tait aboard Dassett Courage, then Todd on NZB Campino and Tim Price, third last to go in the 38-strong field, on Ascona M.



The horse details:
Swallow Springs – owned by Paul and Diana Ridgeon
NZB Campino – owned by New Zealand Bloodstock and Sir Mark Todd
Star Nouveau – owned by Elaine Butterworth, Anthony Quirk and Virginia Thompson
Kindred Spirit II – owned by the Kindred Spirit Syndicate
Dassett Courage – owned by Thomas Barr, Sally Grant and Blyth Tait
Ascona M – owned by Suzanne Houchin, Lucy and Ben Sangster and Sir Peter Vela
Up Up and Away – owned by Cameron and Mary Crawford and Caroline Powell
Leo Distinction – owned by Julia and Fiona Fraser, Jane Lovell-Smith and Blyth Tait
Yacabo B – owned by Andrew Nicholson
On the Brash – owned by Sarah Tobey and Sue Smiley
Cleveland – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Pats Jester – owned by Kate Maitland, Therese Miller, Philip Hunt, Jo Preston-Hunt and Tim Price
Teseo – owned by Phillip Channer and Andrew Nicholson
Grappa Nera – owned by the Grape Syndicate
I Spye – owned by Jesse Campbell and Kent Gardner
Lissyegan Rory – owned by Debbie Cunningham and Daniel Jocelyn
Zacarias – owned by Andrew Nicholson
McClaren – owned by David and Katherine Thomson
Hester – owned by Lucy Nelson
Up in the Air – owned by Sarah Hancox
Fjury – owned by Dr Anna-Louise MacKinnon
Diachello – owned by Kent Gardner and Jesse Campbell
Amiro Sky – owned by Judy, Tom and Bruce Haskell
Cooley Showtime – owned by Suzanne Houchin, Lucy and Ben Sangster and Sir Peter Vela
Lady Donnerhall – owned by Dr Ruth and Judith Armstrong
Falco – owned by Sue Benson
Peaky Blinder – owned by Tim Rushbridge
Andrea BT4 – owned by Andrew Nicholson
As Is – owned by Deborah Sellar and Anna Weir
Magic Roundabout – owned by Laurence Hunt and Sarah Shone

By Diana Dobson – HP Media Liaison
Photos by Libby Law/ESNZ