ESNZ Jumping has operated a flat structure with its staff for the past two years and now wishes to return to a structure with a Jumping Manager and a Jumping Administrator.

As a result of this a restructure process has been worked through with the existing staff in Jumping and feedback has been obtained to a proposed structure which would see one manager and one administrator for jumping.

These roles are being advertised now and are open for applications from anyone interested in working for jumping. As many of you will know Bailey McCormack is leaving jumping for overseas adventures and any further staff have been invited to apply for the roles as they are advertised.

This is an open and transparent process and is designed to ensure the sport of Jumping is promoted and well managed into the future, just as it has been for the past three years. In no way is this a reflection of the staff, the board has taken the opportunity to reflect on how it would like its staff structure to operate in the future and believes this will be a proactive approach.

For further information and any questions please call ESNZ General Manager Dana Kirkpatrick 027 281 6213 or email [email protected]