It’s easy to see Fiber Fresh lives true to its family focused foundations.

The Reporoa-based company was created in 1984 with an eye to innovative and sustainable practice. These days, it supplies markets globally and all their product is controlled from the day it is planted right through to market.

“We are unique in the market,” says Fiber Fresh group marketing manager Kelly Stewart.

Every bag is identified by a code and its journey from paddock to market can be traced.

As sponsors of the CCI1* Championship, Fiber Fresh are giving each entrant in the class a bag of their newest product – FiberBoost. It was launched last year and Fiber Fresh are now starting to get some solid feedback.

“It is a complete feed,” says Kelly. “There is nothing like it anywhere else – no one else has the fibre we have nor the barley, which is captured fresh from the field. We grow and harvest the lucerne and barley ourselves, before it goes through a unique fermentation process. It is an all-round product – good for high performance through to young horses – and so simple to use. It is a complete and balanced feed in the truest sense.”

She and her team are looking forward to the NRM3DE – an event they consider their local.

“This is one of the best in the country,” she says. “The competition is fierce and being towards the end of the season everyone is keen to attract (series) points. It is a great chance for us to engage with the riders and that’s something we really enjoy.”

It’s a chance for the Fiber Fresh reps to talk to riders about “what’s in the feed bowl”.

“We can be guilty of giving all sorts of things in the feed bowl of our horses without really knowing why, but it can be simple,” says Kelly. “We are all about educating people about our foundation feed – start with Fiber Fresh and build up from there. It is just like our own food pyramid.”

Horses need 1.5% of their body weight in forage fibre.

“We like to educate people about nutrition and just where we fit into the horses diet. Our whole philosophy is around being the foundation feed for a healthy horse.”

Fiber Fresh sponsored riders Sam Felton and Donna Edwards-Smith will be on hand too.

“They’re both competing and are very strong advocates and good influences on the riding community.”

The company also sponsors Olympic Cup winning showjumping teen Briar Burnett-Grant and WEG dressage-hopeful John Thompson and his fiancé Holly Leach.

Fiber Fresh are sponsoring the riders’ barbecue on Friday evening.

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