Bryce Newman and the classy Bates Game Keeper – CIC2* Central Districts 2018 – Courtesy of Dark Horse Photography

David Jones-Parry is quite clear on who should be at the NRM 3DE and why.

“If you are serious about eventing, you have to be there,” says the general manager of Weatherbeeta, which is the exclusive distributor for Bates Saddles in New Zealand. “This is an iconic event in our country’s equestrian calendar and an event that is very dear to all NZ event riders’ hearts. I’ve been attending this event for years, including as a competitor – a long time ago,” he says.

Jones-Parry is bringing the very best his company offers to present at the national championships where Bates Saddles are also sponsors of the CCI2* Championship.

“Bates Saddles have always been ahead of their time when it comes to technology,” he says. “I remember when they introduced changeable gullets in saddles – Bates Saddles were the first to do that. All the traditional saddlers threw their hands up in the air and said it was a travesty and that it would do no good. Today just about every significant brand on the market has an adjustable gullet system of some sort.”

It’s that forward thinking that has brought the Bates Advanta eventing saddle to the market and Taupo will be the official launch to riders. Bates Saddles have been working closely with prominent event riders across the globe during the development period, including Kiwis, Bryce Newman and Emily Cammock.

The Bates Advanta eventing saddle is engineered for the “perfect connection” between horse and rider, with a new SynergyPanel.

“This revolutionary saddle will change the feel (of jumping) for riders, they simply have never been so close to their horse,” says Jones-Parry.

“We are very excited about the new launch.” He encourages everyone to come and visit at the Bates Saddles trade site to have a sit in the “SweetSpot” of the saddle and a feel of the moveable FlexiContourblocs, adjustable ergonomic stirrup bar and supple Luxe Leather for themselves.

“We’ll have our three advocates on the ground in Taupo too – Bryce Newman, Emily Cammock and Bundy Philpott – who are all competing in the new Bates Advanta.”

Bates Saddles are encouraging riders everywhere to accept the Bates Advanta test-ride challenge. Riders can sign up to trial the saddle either at the NRM 3DE or with their local retailers.

“Bates Saddles are boldly promising riders that they have never been this close to their horse, and challenge riders to experience this for themselves.”

A qualified saddle fitter with the UK Society of Master Saddlers, Jones-Parry will be on site at the NRM 3DE to set the saddle up perfectly for riders.Bates is continuing its stellar support of the championships by again offering a brand new Bates Advanta eventing saddle, worth $5,495 – tickets can be purchased at the NRM 3DE at the Bates Saddle trade site.

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Diana Dobson
The Black Balloon