Georgia Alison wins the ESNZ Show Hunter Junior Equitation, Horse of the Year 2018, Hawke’s Bay A&P Showgrounds, Hastings, Wednesday, March 14, 2018. Credit: KAMPIC / Sarah Lord

By Diana Dobson

Winner ESNZ Pony Riders Equitation, Winner ESNZ Junior Rider Equitation

Oxford teen Georgia Allison is seeing her time on ponies out in style, taking out both the ESNZ Pony and Junior Equitation Series.

She’s been chasing a show hunter series title for a while, managing top six for the past seven years so was over the moon to finally lay claim to not just one, but two.

“This is my last year on ponies so I was gunning for it. It is just awesome to win.”

It was a very emotional win for both her and her mum Bridget, none the least because the pony is now for sale.

But it didn’t all go smoothly when she and Pioneer High Jinx placed fourth in the final class at HOY.

“I thought for a minute I had lost it,” she said.

The ESNZ Pony Equitation Series came down to a two-horse race between Georgia and runner-up Chantelle Smith, who finished just two points adrift. Georgia and High Jinx were also second in the Aniwell Cat C High Points Series.

High Jinx is better known as a grand prix showjumper and when Georgia first moved him to show hunter, she says she got plenty of sideways looks.

“This proves we were right,” she said. “People really did think we were stupid! She is the coolest pony and has taken me from 1.05m through to grand prix. He has been fantastic for me.”

He’s a real all-rounder too, doing eventing and dressage as well.

“We didn’t really expect to love him so much.”

It was aboard her twin Sophie’s 18-year-old hack Samari Lady that she took out the Junior Equitation Series.

“Sophie is at boarding school so it seemed a waste leaving Samari Lady in the paddock.”

However, they were a late entry into HOY, a little worried about bringing the older mare on such a long trip.

She and Samari Lady were also third in the Gyro Plastics Junior High Points Series.

Georgia is the youngest of five children and has been around horses forever.

“I love that in show hunter you can’t ride badly and win – you have to ride well and then you do well.”

Her mum is quick to add that her daughter is “a bit of a perfectionist”, so the discipline suits her well.

“I am very proud of her,” said Bridget. “She works incredibly hard with all her horses and does it all herself.”


Results –

ESNZ Pony Equitation Series: Georgia Allison 75 points 1, Chantelle Smith 73 2, Abe Baker 49 3, Victoria Mitchell 45 4.

ESNZ Junior Equitation Series: Georgia Allison 77 points 1, Sally Ward 71 2, Georgia Beatson 38 3, Tristan Thomas 37 4.