With 2018 approaching fast, we finally have confirmation of the new FEI tests, which will from 1/1/18, impact on our events. These are downloadable from the FEI website:


Adoption of the 2018 version of the FEI tests is applicable for all national and international FEI classes (CDI), at all levels of events, from 1/1/2018 as per the list on FEI website

These this incorporates Elimination for 2nd Error of Course where stated in the test. This also applies to all DNZ competitions where these FEI tests are used.

There is the addition of an FEI Medium Tour Freestyle from 1/1/18, which will replace the current Oceania  Medium Tour Freestyle. Level 8 riders should take particular note as freestyles may require some adjustment

Four collective marks are replaced by the single Collective mark, awarded for the Rider’s position and seat: correctness and effect of the aids.

As well as the Collective mark, there are some other changes applying to some tests with the 1/1/18 date, amongst them, the Inter A & B and the FEI YR Preliminary Test.  

All FEI tests under national rules are ridden as per the test sheet, with the exception that double bridles are not compulsory.  An ordinary snaffle as per national rules may be used.

Areas may download the updated FEI tests and post them on their own websites.

DNZ Level 0 to Advanced to remain in place until at least 31 July 2018, depending on when new tests can be released, hopefully aligning the tests with Dressage Australia and the USDF.  There is no plan to change the current NZ levels or grading system at that time.  

For OC’s who already have schedules published with tests which will become obsolete in 1/1/18. Please advise affected entrants by email through Equestrian Entries where possible, and where possible, update your schedules.