The parties to the above dispute have agreed amongst themselves, at a mediation not involving ESNZ or the Judicial Committee, to resolve the complaints made against Mr McVean and Ms Laurie.

As part of the judicial process, the Judicial Committee encouraged the parties to attempt to reach an agreement themselves through mediation. Although ESNZ did not know the date of the mediation, ESNZ and the Judicial Committee had previously been informed that parties would attempt to resolve the matter in that way. Counsel undertook to advise the Judicial Committee if a resolution was reached.  This undertaking was adhered to by the lawyers.

The ESNZ Board advised the parties, prior to their attending mediation, that the Board expected to endorse and/or enforce any agreement reached between the parties. The Board did note that there would be limitations on what it could do, and that it could only act within its powers.

The parties have agreed to the imposition of certain sanctions and in accordance with the earlier commitment by ESNZ to honour the outcome of any mediation, ESNZ has agreed to publish the statement on its website. ESNZ also confirms that it will respect the outcome of the mediation, as agreed between the parties.

For the sake of clarity, ESNZ confirms that Mr McVean has not relinquished his roles with ESNZ Eventing or High Performance Eventing. Further, Mr McVean is free to carry on coaching jumping riders who retain him on a private basis.

ESNZ is pleased that the parties have been able to resolve matters between themselves.

ESNZ encourages its members not to comment on Facebook regarding this statement. ESNZ reminds its members that they are required to comply with the Social Media policy.



“A number of complaints were made to Equestrian Sports NZ by the parents of team members from the 2017 Senior Jumping Team Tour of Australia.  The complaints were against Jeff McVean who was the chef d’equipe and coach for the team, and his daughter Katie Laurie who was the senior member of the team.  ESNZ convened a Judicial Committee to determine the complaints and a significant amount of evidence was filed by the parties, and a hearing was scheduled to take place in December 2017.  Contrary to mistaken reporting by Horse & Pony earlier in the year, there was never any investigation or complaints relating to other member of the team.

 The parties to these complaints have reached agreement following mediation, the details of which are confidential except to the extent to which the ESNZ Board has been informed.  On the agreement that Mr McVean will never again hold any role with Jumping NZ or in relation to showjumping with High Performance NZ, the complainants have agreed to withdraw the complaints. 

 Kate Laurie accepts and acknowledges that her conduct during the ESNZ Jumping 2017 Senior Showjumping Tour of Australia did not reflect the high standards expected of a senior team member.  Towards the conclusion of the tour she failed to demonstrate individual responsibility by words and actions.  She unreservedly apologises to the other team members, their supporters and ESNZ for the stress this has caused.

SANCTIONS: If in the period of 12 months following settlement she breaches any of the ESNZ Codes of Conduct, Katie’s membership with ESNZ will be suspended for 3 months, and she will be precluded from competing at any ESNZ event during that 3 month period.”