FEI Children's International Classic Team Event

The FEI Children's International Classic Team Event is to be held at the Waitemata World Cup Festival 11-14th January 2018.

Download selection criteria and application form for the FEI Children's Team Challenge 

Expressions of interest application forms are due by Monday 11th December. Send to jumpnews@nzequestrian.org.nz 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can enter?

Anyone from the start of the calendar year from Jan-Dec 2018 in which they turn 12 [they could still be 11 in January but will be turning 12 in 2018] till the end of the year they turn 14.

And be current members of ESNZ.

New Zealand is only running the "gold" section of the competition as set out in the rules.

Can I ride a horse or a pony?

You can enter either for the NZ competition. The only clarification is that the World Final is ridden on supplied horses, not ponies.

If I enter more than one mount what do I have to do?

You must nominate which one you want to be considered and you must ride that one first in the rounds. Only the nominated mount can gain overall points and be considered for the FEI ranking.

How does the teams part of this work?

A team will be selected to compete as a team for the World Teams Challenge. Team riders compete as individuals and as a team. The team score then is ranked against other teams from around the world for the final result. The team will be selected from the expressions of interest received by ESNZ. 

We hope to encourage as many as possible to take part, not only those who have an impressive CV so please don't be afraid to enter your expression of interest by 6th March  2017 on the official form (link above) For the team's selection you must have competed at 1.20m or higher during the period 1st August 2016 -Present, whether in Junior Rider, Pony Grand Prix or Open competition.

How does the event run?

A horse inspection and trot up will be held prior to the first competition, to ensure the horse is ˜fit to compete'. As the horse has to be identified it is compulsory to have the completed identification page of the horse registration with you. [See Horse Inspections - Annex 7 ESNZ Jumping Rules. Note page 89 for trot up procedure.

Link to Jumping Rules 

The competition consists of a total of four rounds - two rounds each day. The first day heights 1.10- 1.20m. Second Day is 1.20 - 1.30m  with the total penalties incurred giving the final ranking.

The scores are collated and sent to the FEI where all riders are ranked and the top 15 compete at the World Finals on supplied horses (not ponies).

Who can I contact to ask more questions?

For further information please feel free to call Bailey McCormack, Jumping Administrator on 04 499 8994 - Ext. 3 or email her at jumpnews@nzequestrian.org.nz