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Dancealong - Owned by Susan Tomlin


Susan Tomlin started riding at seven when her parents gave in to her wishes to have riding lessons for a birthday present. That grew to her saving for her own pony at nine and the rest is history.


Eventing was her first passion. She won Pony Club Champs A1 class aboard Jonathan Grace, who she went on to join Sir Mark Todd, Blyth Tait, Andrew Scott, Tinks Pottinger, Merran Hain and Trudy Boyce in the New Zealand team to contest the World Three Day Eventing Championships in Australia 1986.


It wasn’t to be her champs, with the horse was vetted out and later retired. Tomlin had put her life on hold for two years while she concentrated on preparing for the champs. With Jonathan Grace out, she headed to Massey to get her vet degree.


Still keen on eventing, she bought a thoroughbred who didn’t like to jump, so she turned him into a dressage horse. She learnt from that, and her next horse – Kilimanjaro – was a warmblood who she trained through to advanced level.


Dancealong was given to her by breeder Pat Dalrymple, mother of Atlanta Olympic silver medallist Sally – who rang her out of the blue, introduced herself, told Tomlin she liked the way she rode and that she had a two-year-old she would like to give her.


That horse is Dancealong, who Tomlin has very high hopes for.


Major results


  • 2nd (HOY) FEI Prix St George 67.895%

  • 5th (HOY) FEI Intermediate I 62.684%

  • 4th (HOY) Level 6/7 Freestyle to Music 67.175%

  • 1st (National Championships) FEI Prix St George 68.991%

  • 1st (National Championships) 6B 66.5%

  • 1st (National Championships) Level 6/7 Freestyle to Music 72.062%

  • 1st (North Island Championships) 6B 68.542%

  • 1st (North Island Championships) FEI Prix St George 66.096%

  • 1st (North Island Championships) Level 6/7 Freestyle to Music 70.292%