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Raetihi, New Zealand
New Zealand


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Makahiwi Geneca  - Owned by Amanda McConachy


Growing up on a dairy farm mean there wasn’t much room nor inclination – from her parents – for Amanda McConachy to follow her passion.


“I grew up riding my friends horses, and then when I was about 12 a farmer said he had a mare in the paddock who hadn’t been ridden for five years. He said if I could catch and ride her, I could have her for free.”


It started a rock solid partnership that lasted until McConachy was 21 years old. She is mostly self-taught, and never did Pony Club or things like that. There was a kind neighbour who agisted race horses who taught her to jump, and she did once have a dressage lesson.


But none of that caught her fancy. Her equestrian career went on hold for the best part of 17 years while she had her family.


It was when she bought her block of land at Raetihi that she had the opportunity to buy a standard bred horse, who she started in endurance, thanks to an unfortunate injury that led to a fortuitous meeting with national representative Andrea Smith.


McConachy, who has her own painting and decorating business, joined a club and competed in her first 40km training ride.


“I was hooked straight away,” says McConachy, who also had great input from Peter and Teresa Birkett.


McConachy started riding Makahiwi Geneca in 2009 and bought the horse a year later. “We just clicked straight away.”


Major results:

4th CEI3* 160km January 2017 Taupo – North Island Championships

5th CEI3* 160km January 2016 Taupo – North Island Championships

4th CEI2* 120km December 2015 Kuratau