Dressage NZ Stable of the Stallions

Published 10 October 2017

The Stable of Stallions is a co-operative fund raising venture between Stud Owners and Dressage giving mare owners the opportunity to secure discounted service rates and support Dressage

What Is the Stable of Stallions ?

The Stable of Stallions is a joint venture between Dressage NZ and stallion owners.

What are the Objectives of the Stable of Stallions project ?

The Stable of Stallions has four key objectives

For the Studs:To assist stallions owners promote their stallions in a cost effective way by utilising the marketing opportunities available via Dressage NZ

For the Breeders: To make available discounted stallion services from participating studs / stallions which makes the use of these studs more desirable and cost effective and with the knowledge they are also supporting the development of equestrian sport in New Zealand

For Equestrian Sport: The increased availability of quality purpose bred sport horses thus boosting the development of equestrian sport in all disciplines.

For Dressage NZ Events: Increased funds to further develop the major events on the Dressage Calendar, the National Championships and the Under 25 Championships 

How does it work ?

All participating studs have generously donated ONE SOS service. The stud retains any booking fee and any usual applicable stud charges and Dressage NZ benefits from the service fee balance. The good news is we discount all services by $200 giving our fans a great deal. You must call the stud and use the promo code Stable of Stallions - and contact Dressage NZ if you are the lucky purchaser. Tell your friends - help us sell ALL these services

CRYSTAL MT XODO                              




GYMNASTIK STAR                                      

FLORIS JOLMER or FAN TWILLENS                  

FUGATO SW                                                   

GOLDEN STRIKE                                             

HP FRESCO                                                          

JHT CHEMISTRY