Welcome to ESNZ

Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) is the National Sports organisation for Equestrian in New Zealand. It aims to deliver quality equestrian competitions and administration in conjunction with the five discipline bodies aligned with them.

The five discipline bodies are Jumping (Runs both Jumping and Show Hunter), Dressage, Eventing, Para and Endurance (Runs both Endurance and CTR – Competitive Trail Riding).  Each discipline has area groups/clubs throughout the country that run local shows nationwide.

With seven disciplines there is something for everyone, from the grace of Dressage and style of Show Hunter to the Speed of endurance and Height of Jumping. Each discipline offers a range of levels to cater for everyone.

Riding is an excellent way to exercise, improve fitness and build muscle tone. It strengthens the core muscles, tones and can provide a great cardio workout.

In total there are approximately 6,000 registered riders and 6,000 registered equines competing throughout the country.

Each year around 100 new members register with ESNZ to begin their journey of exploration and discovery in Equestrian Sports.

Please explore our website for more about joining ESNZ or click here to view a guide to ESNZ

The question is when will you begin your journey?