In Dressage

Starting the Dressage Journey


Your local dressage group (Area Group or branch) is responsible for providing competitions for all levels of riders from Training (new riders and horses) through to Grand Prix.  Many areas also  run training days, some have their own training squad offerring subsided lessons.

Area Groups have a representative on the National Dressage Committee (Area Delegate)

The National Committee and area groups work together to schedule qualifiers for National Events, recruit and train judges and technical officials, and encourage new members to the sport. By joining your local group, you can also have an input into the future of your sport at area and national level.

Area Group newsletters, web sites and facebook pages keep you in touch with what is happening in your area.  Contact and join your local dressage group – find out what opportunities are  provided in your area for competitors, officials and volunteers.

Every area group relies on local membership to provide quality competition and training opportunities - please join up now

Area groups welcome new members

ESNZ Community Member Information

Community Membership is a free membership available by signing up on- line.  Community  members (CM's) may compete on unregistered horses in any level of non-graded competition. Volunteers, supporters, and family are also encouraged to be community members

ESNZ Full Membership

Riders must be Full Members (FM's) @ $60 per year to compete in Graded Competitions and Series

ESNZ Equine Registration




Horses and ponies must be ESNZ registered and pay Dressage Fees (Annual Start or Flexi -Starts) and pay the Dressage TD levy of $3 per class which is incorporated in your entry fee when you enter an event

Dressage TD Levy

The $3 per class TD levy is also applicable to all Training Events (TE's) sanctioned by ESNZ Dressage. This is a user pay levy for both FM's and CM's at TE's (non -graded events)