Eventing High Performance Squads

December 2013
Equestrian Sports New Zealand (ESNZ) has completed the following selection review of the horse/rider combinations for the Eventing High Performance Programme Squads:

A.      High Performance Eventing Squad

Combinations with an ability to finish in the Top 5 individually at the World Equestrian Games 2014 and/or Olympic Games 2016.


















* denotes which of the current squad horses are placed on “hold” during an injury break

** Jonathan Paget’s position on Squad remains on hold until the outcome of the pending FEI Hearing


B.       High Performance Eventing Accelerator Squad

The Accelerator Squad is to support younger riders and/or horses with a longer term approach to performance enhancement for future championship team representation. 


Clarke Johnstone

Jesse Campbell

Joe Waldron




  All HP Squad riders will be committed to:

·       success individually and as a NZ Team at Championships;

·       personal best performance at targeted competitions;

·       working with ESNZ Eventing HP Leader/Coach, Team Management and other ESNZ HP personnel to ensure IPP outcomes are achieved;

·       attendance at targeted competitions and squad/team trainings;

·       respecting Team and conducting themselves in an appropriate manner when representing NZ;

·       maintaining regular two-way communication with Team Management;



·     The Eventing HP Selection Panel is Judy Bradwell, Erik Duvander and Richard Otto;

·     Riders/combinations can be added to, or removed from, either squad by the Selectors based on performances during 2013;

·     All Squads will be reviewed six-monthly

·     HP Squad horses can be maintained within the Squad but placed on “hold” during injury breaks.  This decision will be made by the Eventing HP Leader/Coach (* denotes which of the current squad horses are in this position).








Andrew Nicholson


Deborah Sellar

Andrew Nicholson


Rosemary & Mark Barlow

Andrew Nicholson

Mr Cruise Control*

Nicky & Robin Salmon

Andrew Nicholson


Deborah Sellar

Andrew Nicholson

Calico Joe*

In Mind Syndicate

Jonathan Paget **

Clifton Promise

Frances Stead & Russell Hall

Jonathan Paget **

Clifton Lush

Frances Stead & Lucy Allison

Mark Todd

NZB Campino* 

Peter & Pam Vela

Mark Todd


Di Brunsden, Peter Cattrell, Pip McCarroll & rider

Mark Todd


Peter Cattrell & Di Brunsden

Caroline Powell

Onwards and Upwards

Mary & Cameron Crawford

Jonelle Price

The Deputy

Lucy Sangster, Mr & Mrs T Morice

Jonelle Price

Faerie Dianimo

Mrs Trisha Rickards

Jonelle Price

Classic Moet

Trisha Rickards

Lucy Jackson

Willy Do

Mark, Gillian & Charlotte Greenlees

Megan Heath

St Daniel

Megan Heath

Tim Price


Christina Knudsen, Kate Watchman, Peter Vela & Lucy Sangster

Tim Price

Ringwood Sky Boy

Robert Taylor, Selwood.com & rider

Lizzie Brown

Henton Attorney General

Tessa Grant & rider