Athlete Prime Ministers Scholarships

2014 Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarship Programme


ESNZ advises that applications for 2014 Prime Minister’s Athlete Scholarships (PMAS) are now open and with applications closing on the 22nd November 2013. Click the following link to make you application online: 2014 PMAS Application


As in previous years there are clearly identified, specific criteria that applicants for a PMAS must meet in order to be considered for a PMAS to assist with the costs of tertiary study while maintaining elite sport training and competition:


1.   Be a Carded Athlete with HPSNZ

2.   Athletes from Sports which are in receipt of funding from HPSNZ. Currently Eventing is the only discipline that receives HPSNZ funding.

3.   Athletes identified through high performance investment to have the potential to impact HPSNZ and HPSNZ’s high performance mission.

4.   Athletes who are likely to become carded within the next six months and have been identified in their NSO HP pathway (where applicable) and as agreed with HPSNZ.


On this basis, if you are not currently involved in an ESNZ High Performance Squad then unfortunately ESNZ will not be able to endorse your application. PMAS are only available for those riders that have been identified through the ESNZ High Performance Programme as having the potential to impact on HPSNZ’s high performance mission.


PM Scholarships Cover



A maximum of up to $10,000 per year (including GST if applicable) is available. Fees will not be paid at International Student rates. Help with fees will not be available to those who receive another fee-paying scholarship, except where the other scholarship does not meet the full cost of the tuition fees.


Living allowances

Provided all athlete requirements are met, recipients will receive a capped amount of up to $2,000 (inclusive of GST if applicable) per six-month period.


In order to receive a living allowance, recipients must be enrolled in equal to, or greater than, 0.4 EFTS in the 12-month period (while studying in both six-month periods) or 0.2EFTS in a six-month period (if studying for one six-month period) in order to receive a living allowance for that period. Courses not specifying EFTS will be evaluated by the High Performance Sport NZ on a case-by-case basis.


Living allowances will be recalled whenever a recipient’s course falls below the minimum EFTS – for example if a recipient withdraws from a paper – unless High Performance Sport NZ agrees otherwise.



If you have any questions or are not sure if you qualify please contact:

Warrick Allan, High Performance Operations Manager

PH: 04 499 8994