Wellington Horse Trials @ QEII Park

2/03/2009 11:17:17 a.m.


Eventing Wellington was lucky with the weather on Sunday for the QEII Park Event.  After heavy rainfall on Saturday, the day dawned a bit grey and a bit windy but nothing to deter the local Eventing community.
Both Sandy Fryatt on Pabique and Katherine Van Tuyl on Red Handed, finished the dressage in 1st equal with Natalie Page 3rd and Kin Kalin 4th place.  After most of the class getting some time penalties afross country and four of the 11 strong class taking rails in the Show Jumping, the final placings were as follows:
1.            Sandy Fryatt/Pabique
2.            Kin Kalin/Fhynethyme
3.            Helen Van Der Valk/Minkadiva
4.            Oramei Heretini/Glenside Newxboy
5.            Francesca Silver/More Reason
6.            Katherine Van Tuyl/Red Handed

Katherine Van Tuyl and Underhand


Open Novice
Charlotte Grayling performed a beautiful dressage test on the horse usually ridden by father Matthew Grayling. Letice Grey came second Natalie Page established third place and Katherine Van Tuyl sat in fourth place after the Dressage phase.
The final results after X-Country and Show Jumping were:
1.            Charlotte Grayling/NRM Ru Star
2.            Anna Martin/ Leningrad Jack
3.            Letice Carey/ Granite Ridge
4.            Amber McGovern Wilson/Wai
5.            Katherine Van Tuyl/Underhand
6.            Natalie Page/Tom Collins


Charlotte Grayling and NRM Ru Star

Open Intermediate
Matthew Grayling dominated this class having 2 of the 5 starters competing. Todd Gloyn completed a lovely Dressage test to come first after the dressage phase with Matthew second on Parklane Hawk and third on NRM Cruzintime. Local Young Rider Douglas Thompson proved himself in the Cross Country be finishing with the least time faults and clear jump faults. Unfortunately for Douglas, he was just pipped for first place when Marksman Arrow took a rail in the Show Jumping and Matthew finished clear on NRM Cruzintime to come first.
1.            Matthew Grayling/NRM Cruzintime
2.            Douglas Thompson/Marksman Arrow
3.            Matthew Grayling/Parklane Hawk
4.            Todd Gloyn/Repent



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